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The Reads: Volleyball Beats UMES!

The Lady Huskers swept their first round opponent University of Maryland - Eastern Shore in three sets. They take on Northern Iowa tonight at 7pm in the final match at the NU Coliseum.

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The Lady Huskers swept UMES in their first round match of the NCAA tourney.
The Lady Huskers swept UMES in their first round match of the NCAA tourney.
David McGee
Join us this evening for FRIDAY SPORTS as we cheer on the ladies and watch to see who the winner of the Big Ten will be playing on January 1st.

In addition to the volleyball match, we will also be watching the Pac-12 Championship game between UCLA and Stanford (GO BRUINS!) at 7pm on Fox.

EDIT: Like yesterday's match, volleyball can be found NET/NET-HD or Radio call will be available on or your local Husker Sports Radio Network station.

And don't forget to come back tomorrow night as we cheer on Nebraska in their fight against the Wisconsin Badgers in the Big Ten's Battle for the Roses. If Nebraska can stay at least at zero in the turnover margin and get Rex or Ameer to 150 yards of rushing, I think Nebraska heads to Pasadena.

But it's all up to our men in the Scarlet and Cream now. Good luck, gentlemen. We're proud of you, win, lose or draw.


PS: If you're going to the game, take pictures!


A shout-out to Mr. X for reading the entire Reads post yesterday. Well done!

I recommend reading through today's post as well. There's some interesting news concerning Corn Nation and the Mothership at the bottom.


We received the following information through the Big Ten from the All State Tailgate Tour that those of you headed to Indy might find interesting.

Allstate Tailgate Tour to Give Away a Pair of Tickets to the 2013 Rose Bowl Game before 2012 Big Ten Championship Game

WHAT: The Allstate Tailgate Tour, a unique and interactive fan experience visiting college football stadiums across the country, will give away a pair of tickets along with airfare to the 2013 Rose Bowl Game before Wisconsin faces Nebraska in the 2012 Big Ten Championship on Saturday, Dec. 1.

Fans can register for a chance to attend the 2013 Rose Bowl Game in Pasadena, California by visiting the Allstate Tailgate Tour, located on Hall K at the Big Ten Championship Fan Fest at Lucas Oil Stadium from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Friday and 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Saturday.

From creating signs in support of the Badgers or Cornhuskers to participating in games for a chance to win tailgate items, fans can take part in a variety of family-friendly activities at the Allstate Tailgate Tour. Fans can also take commemorative pictures of themselves to share instantly on social media and can receive a Big Ten tumbler upon entry.

Lucas Oil Stadium
Hall K
500 S. Capitol Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46225

November 30, 2012, 3 p.m. - 9 p.m.
December 1, 2012, 10 a.m. - 8 p.m

Sounds like a cool way to kill an hour or so with your family. If nothing else, you can wander around Lucas Oil for a bit. And hey, maybe you can pick up a pair of tickets to the Rose Bowl.

On to the stories of the day!


YEAH! Good job, ladies! Nebraska takes on Northern Iowa tomorrow night at 7pm. I'll update this post later with TV/Radio information (and of course we'll have a game thread). Oh, and Northern Iowa took down No. 25 Kansas State to reach the second round.

UNL Football

So that's where the money came from. Nebraska paid for a challenge, seeing how Pelini has struggled against first meetings against new coaches. (I'm looking for positives here.) Also, holy hell, Southern Miss is a mess. And we thought Pederson was bad.

"We'll see how the flow of the game goes," Brown said. "They're unselfish guys. I told them this week I'm just so proud of them because we needed every single one of them to get to where we're at right now. Every single one of them had an impact on the season, including the fullbacks.

We're pretty blessed in this respect.

I'm a little concerned at the lack of awareness, but it speaks volumes for the offense Beck has engineered.

Apparently Taylor gives Beck gray hair too. Here's hoping Beck, Taylor, Rex and Lady Luck are all in sync this Saturday.

I can't decide between Fisher (WR) and Joseph for assistant coach of the year.

Again, I wouldn't say Nebraska fans are betting on Roses. They're saving up for either California OR Florida.

I think the biggest one is playing hard for sixty minutes. The difference between Wisconsin and Nebraska this season has been the teams' ability to finish games.

Subscribe and listen!

While I'm not personally moved one way or the other, I'm sure many of you are excited by this.

Wisconsin Badgers

Would be awesome to see Rex pick up 300 yards on Saturday. But 200 yards would be good enough. But I think Nebraska starts off in the air.

The biggest question is whether Wisconsin has improved more than Nebraska. I don't think so but we'll find out Saturday.

Husker Mike revisits Wisconsin again to find them on their third QB of the season after Stave broke his collarbone and Danny O'Brien bumbled his way into Bielema's doghouse.

Going to be one heck of a game Saturday.




(The Big Ten ended up tying the ACC, 6-6.)

Lady Huskers Basketball

A tough loss but Yori thinks the team can learn from it. The ladies take on Idaho State this Saturday afternoon at the Devaney Center.

Big Ten

Worked out well for another school in Indiana.

National News

My guess? UCLA didn't plan to lose but they used a conservative game plan for last week's game. Expect a more dynamic UCLA approach tonight.

Yeah, no. Especially if he wins the Pac-12 tonight.

When did watching the NFL become our national duty?

Western Kentucky might get screwed out a bowl again. Ridiculous.

Total agreement here. The refusal to enforce rules as laid out by the NCAA is ridiculous. If Georgia Tech has a problem, tell them to take it up with Miami, who put them in this situation. (Or you know, beat Florida State.)

Curious considering his rumored interest in Purdue but not all that unexpected.

Jon Embree's press conference kind of killed this one.


I'm going all in on UGA. Beat the Tide, Dawgs!

Clearly whomever coded the Colley Matrix is not a Sooner fan. I'm sure this is how the SEC keeps getting ranked so high.

Sometimes I think athletic directors doing coach searches should just ask a donor with a plane to fly them to random locations, just to screw with people. Imagine the SEC heads that would explode if Arkansas flew a plane to Buffalo, NY. "CHAN GAILEY? MY GOD, OUR AD IS THE WORST."

(Also, doesn't this bring up happy memories from 2004 and 2007????)

As expected. I would suspect Lane Kiffin is now on a very short leash.

Shawn Watson taught that move to Taylor Martinez too!

SB Nation News

The Mothership has made some changes to the mobile websites. Commenting fixes (including the magical Z button) are coming "soon", where soon is sometime before the Cubs win a World Series. (Paraphrasing.)


That's all for today. Have a great weekend, cheer loudly and don't pay more than face value for your tickets. And stay safe. And take pictures that you can show your boss!

Comments, rants and cat pictures go below. No prizes today - need you to save your luck for tomorrow.


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