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The Reads: A Healthy Thad Randle to the Rescue?

Wisconsin receives good news on the injury front while Nebraska ponders how to replace center Justin Jackson and defensive tackle Baker Steinkuhler. Oh, and Les Miles has an offer from Arkansas. According to internet.

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Meredith and Co. have a big hole to fill this Saturday.
Meredith and Co. have a big hole to fill this Saturday.
Matthew Holst

We're supposed to be hating on Wisconsin this week. Though that's really hard, isn't it?

Wisconsin's tenacity is scary. They're like Nebraska without the lucky bounces.

And they've figured out how to run the ball again. Look at what they did to Indiana!

Not to mention, Borland will be back and Abbrederis and everyone else.

Then again, they don't have Taylor Martinez. Or Quincy Enunwa. Or Kenny Bell. Or Rex Burkhead.

Yeah. I'm ready for a great game on Saturday night.

It should be one of the best games of the weekend.

Remember, kick off is on Saturday at 7:17pm CT on FOX.

I've got a full six pack of Southern Magnolia Pecan Nut Brown ready to go - it's the lucky beer this season. And really, really good.



Before we talk football...

Wake Forest was 6-0 at home in the Big Ten-ACC Challenge until Nebrasketball happened. Tim Miles has this team playing at a new level. I think. As I pointed out to those who are paying attention, I know nothing about basketball. Good thing David McGee wrote an AWESOME primer on Nebrasketball! (You should read it so you don't look foolish like I did.)

The Big Ten is up 4-2 over the ACC after Day One of the Challenge. Three is the magic number for the Big Ten. The ACC must take five of six games tomorrow tomorrow to win the Challenge.

Nebrasketball takes on Southern Cal this coming Monday at 7pm on BTN.

The Lady Huskers take on Maryland tonight at 7pm on BTN. Why don't you join us for a Game Thread?

UNL Football

Here's hoping the defense keeps Wisconsin off-schedule.

We've got to be prepared to stop the run on Saturday. - Papuchis

That is probably an understatement there, coach.

Oh and good news for Nebraska:

This is excellent news for the rotation to fill in the hole left behind by Steinkuhler. Randle, Rome, Meredith and whomever else is a warm body will have to play tough this Saturday night.

If you could replace the "Heroes" Trophy, what would you pick? Personally, why not break out the old bell? Let Iowa's secret society steal it next season and let's play for the old church bell. DONE. (Also, Nebraska and Iowa didn't just go conservative - they let HyVee buy into the game and make it a marketing gimmick instead of a trophy game.)

We'll find out soon enough how much we trust the younger Pelini.

Q: As somebody who went to the 2010 Big 12 championship as a true freshman, any good advice you can share with younger teammates this week?

A: Just stay focused is the main thing I can tell everybody. Don’t think of it as more than what it is. It’s another game that’s on our schedule, and we really just want to win this game just like we want to win every other game.

Let's just beat Wisconsin and not worry about this.

From 1997. Their comments about Washington are proof positive that nothing has changed with fans in 15 years.

It's been kind of fun watching Beck grow into the position. I'm only hoping we can keep watching after this season - he may get some job offers after this year's improvements.

An interesting pair of coaches, to be sure. Saturday's game should be just as exciting as last year's championship.

Wisconsin Badgers

Bad news for Nebraska. Thad Randle's return to the line is more important than ever.

I'd say it's a wash - Nebraska's seniors played twice in the JerryDome. But if Wisconsin wants to think they're the best, hey, more power to them. Nebraska will have to prove otherwise on the field.

Brett Maher might be the difference maker again this week.

Big Ten

Not just limited to Nebraska. The Miller-Martinez thing is an interesting debate.

Brown went on to lose 14-0 before a crowd of 8,000 in that Rose Bowl, played for only a second time after a 14-year hiatus in which the Tournament of Roses tried to lure crowds with chariot races and ostrich races instead of football.

CHARIOT RACING? OSTRICHES? Man, the Rose Bowl used to be awesome!

In case you were curious. Oh, and the ACC is suing Maryland for the full $50 million buyout. (I think this is standard procedure.)

National News

This is a thing. Les Miles' agent is a brilliant guy.

Why frame it as a NFL thing? I mean, it's accurate but it might confuse people. Why not ask, point blank, if they threw the game to not play Oregon?

I like the commenter who thinks the full quote makes this situation better. It doesn't. Nick wasn't complaining at all last year when his team got to go to the MNC game despite not even winning their division (and actually losing to the eventual conference champ). Suggesting any humility on the topic this year is just an insult to our intelligence.

Maybe Nick Saban could use PRWeb to help Georgia or Alabama get into the Sugar Bowl over Florida? Only costs $150.

COME ON ACC, PULL THAT TRIGGER. #ShawnWatson4ACC (No, but seriously, this is the smart play by the ACC - Louisville is good at football AND basketball.)

Not lying, this is brilliant. Jon Gruden would probably die of excitement over this hire.

Youngstown now has four head coaches (Bob and Mark Stoops, Bo and Carl Pelini), with at least two viable candidates for future HC positions in Mike Stoops and Tim Beck. Not bad for a small town in Ohio. Good luck to Mark, hope your tenure is closer to Bob's rather than Mike's.

The Big East is the new C-USA, the ACC is the new Big East and I hear the WAC isn't dead. Everything is normal, right?

NOTE: I misspoke. The WAC is dead in football, with only New Mexico State remaining as a football member. (Idaho is going independent.)

Considering they're moving next year's game to make more money for themselves, this move makes no sense. This is like Colorado - where is money coming from?

When will this come to college football?

Frankly not the most exciting list in the world.

Yeah. But hey, it's all Monte's fault.

NFL, you don't want the spread. You want GROWN MAN FOOTBALL. YOU WANT NICK SABAN. #Saban4CowboysPlease

It doesn't look like anyone in that club house knows what a fist bump is. THIS IS NICK SABAN'S KIND OF PLACE. None of that fancy modern non-sense.


That's all for today. Don't forget, the Lady Huskers take on Maryland tonight on BTN at 7pm CT. Stop by for our game thread.

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