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The Reads: Execute, Execute, Execute

Bo Pelini somehow went his entire press conference without saying his favorite word. Or at least that's what it seems like from the recaps.

B1G Coaches' 1st Team QB, Taylor Martinez.
B1G Coaches' 1st Team QB, Taylor Martinez.
Bruce Thorson-US PRESSWIRE

I will ruin your morning with two Twitter snippets from yesterday:

Snippet #1:

Yes. That Fox. Gus Johnson making sweet radio love to UCLA. Expect the same for Wisconsin. Everything is terrible.

Snippet #2:

These lists are basically invalid because you need a magnifying glass to find Ciante. Oh, and this:

Seems legitimate. I guess we're voting based on last year's tape?

We'll just have to show the Big Ten who we are this Saturday, won't we?

But hey, you're thinking, the Reads are supposed to be fun!

And since we're talking about Wisconsin, beer is an inevitable topic of discussion. And hey! We just hired a Wisconsinite to try and not run our athletic department off a cliff.

So how could he help Nebraska print money?

Paging Shawn Eichorst: Maybe not for Memorial but how about for Pinnacle Bank Arena (PBA)?

Eleven Warriors has an interesting piece about the value and pitfalls of beer sales at campus sporting events. I think Nebraska could take the idea of supporting local microbreweries a step forward.

While a partnership with Empyrean Brewing Co. would be brilliant all on its own, Nebraska should take advantage of the proximity of the brewery to campus and start an internship program through their Microbiology Initiative. While it may be easy to discount this as another wine and cheese class, a brewing program would provide Nebraska students with a valuable education in what is currently an exploding industry in the US. (It would be absolutely no different than the professional golf management major.) They could work with Empyrean to brew a special draft just for Nebraska, say a red ale or something.

It would be another opportunity for Nebraska to showcase its academics at PBA and anywhere else Nebraska decides to allow alcoholic beverages. You can bet your right arm that CASNR's Dairy Store will be showcased at PBA - why not get some money for Biological Sciences too?

(Thanks to Brian Towle for the heads-up on this article.)

UNL Football

Congrats to all of our players who were honored. Not really understanding the name and honorees on the kicker's award, however.

Bakken-Andersen Kicker of the Year: Named for Illinois' Dike Eddleman and Michigan State's Brandon Fields

(Typo on the part of Nebraska's SIDs. The Eddleman-Fields trophy is for the Punter of the Year.)

The key to Saturday is to focus on Saturday - the players can't put that much pressure on themselves to turn around thirteen years of bad luck.

I think this is the first time in five years that this team has a recognizable identity in all three phases of the game.


Good luck to Wisconsin in their search and to Waite in whatever comes next.


Future B1G game. Good luck, ladies! (Wednesday, BTN, 7pm CDT)

Another tough game for Nebrasketball. (Tonight on ESPNU/ESPN, 8:15pm CDT)


The off-season is just around the corner. What happened?

Interesting. Let's just win and not worry about it.

Looking forward to playing them in Indianapolis.

Better to try now than next season when he has a really good year and the NCAA says enough is enough.

Kirk Ferentz is Rumpelstiltskin. Holy cow.

Let's allow the Buckeyes to say thanks and move on. (And look, they agree with me that Tressel didn't leave the Buckeyes in bad shape. Give O'Brien the Coach of the Year award.)

Let's hope the Capitol One has a tough decision on their hands.

All very confusing. Northwestern will either face the SEC #3 or #4 team. Good luck, Cats.

National News

Keep an eye on this list for future coaches. And expect someone out of left field for some places, like Colorado.

It isn't fair that you played in the BCS game either but I didn't see you complaining, Nick. Awful lot of complaining coming out of Tuscaloosa this season. What, Nick, you don't like that our attention isn't on the Tide? Hope Georgia kicks Alabama's ass.

Congrats to Mike Minter! He spent the past season as Liberty's Special Teams Coach. (IS THAT A POSITION?)

They should be denied the waiver to play but maybe the NCAA can allow them the bowl practices.

I don't understand why Bohn thought it was a good idea to have this press conference. The only coaches Colorado will hire will be cheap buys who are desperate for a job.

Case in point.

Embree will probably find success elsewhere. Colorado won't.

Gotta go with Louisville here - stronger program in football and basketball. Unless the ACC is conceding football completely, in which case you should look for Virginia Tech, Clemson and Florida State to jump ship. (Miami's impending fireball of sanctions makes them rather unattractive.)

When is ESPN going to apologize for the Longhorn Network? That seems to be doing Texas no favors.


Here's the weekend's schedule, with AQ title games (or de facto title games) in bold. I was wrong about the SEC game - it is at 3pm CT, so the Big Ten isn't overlapping coverage. They will be competing with Texas/K-State however. (K-State wins the Big 12 with a win over Texas. Not sure if Oklahoma losing also secures win.)

Thursday, November 29
6:30 PM Louisville at Rutgers ESPN

Friday, November 30
6:00 PM No. 21 Northern Illinois vs. No. 17 Kent State* ESPN2
7:00 PM No. 16 UCLA at No. 8 Stanford FOX

Saturday, December 1
11:00 PM No. 11 Oklahoma at TCU ESPN
11:00 PM No. 23 Oklahoma State at Baylor FX
11:00 PM UCF at Tulsa ESPN2
1:30 PM Nicholls State at No. 15 Oregon State Pac-12 Network
1:30 PM Kansas at West Virginia
2:00 PM Middle Tennessee at Arkansas State ESPN3
2:00 PM Louisiana-Lafayette at Florida Atlantic
2:30 PM No. 20 Boise State at Nevada ABC
2:30 PM Cincinnati at Connecticut ABC
3:00 PM No. 2 Alabama vs. No. 3 Georgia* CBS
3:00 PM New Mexico State at Texas State
6:00 PM Pittsburgh at South Florida ESPN2
7:00 PM No. 18 Texas at No. 6 Kansas State ABC
7:00 PM No. 13 Florida State vs. Georgia Tech* ESPN
7:17 PM No. 12 Nebraska vs. Wisconsin* FOX
10:00 PM South Alabama at Hawaii

(OH, and keep an eye on Nicholls State - Oregon State. Maybe important for BCS rankings.)

Should be a fun couple of days. And Army-Navy a week from Saturday.



That's all for today, folks. Comments, rants and cat pictures go below.


- Salt Creek and Stadium

PS - Please ignore the random indents. I swear, the SB Nation story editor is more special than our punt returns.