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Blogpoll Top 25 Draft Ballot: Week 13 - Irish vs SEC For National Title

Notre Dame has secured a spot in the national title game and will be playing against the SEC winner - Georgia or Alabama. The Irish remain #1, while Georgia and Alabama remain #3 and #4, respectively.


If there was any question that Notre Dame would beat USC, it should have disappeared in watching Lane Kiffin's incompetence on Saturday night. The clock management was abysmal and the play calling from the one-yard line was a joke. You're playing against a great defense and you motion a potential lead blocker out of the play? Someone want to explain that logic?

I moved Florida up to #2 because they have a better resume' than their SEC counterparts. I had previously held them back because I felt their offense was limiting them, but they had an impressive win over Florida State.

Clemson drops like a rock because they're Clemson. Kansas State moved up quite a bit because I'm not as angry at them this week.

If you have a suggestion for whom should replace Texas at #25, by all means, please suggest!