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Cobs of the Week: Miss. St, BCS Top 25, ACC, Gene Smith, Mizzou, Lane, Kirk Ferentz, Greg Davis, Brent Musberger, and Kirk Herbstreit

Lots of suckage to choose from this weekend

And some idiots still think Nebraska should have hired Paul Johnson instead of Bo Pelini...
And some idiots still think Nebraska should have hired Paul Johnson instead of Bo Pelini...
Scott Cunningham

As the season starts to wind down, the quantity of cob nominations is starting to dwindle, though the suckiness factor of each might actually be increasing. So with that, here are this week's nominations for the worst of the weekend in college football:

Mississippi State

Started the season 7-0...YAY! Lose four of the final five...including a 41-24 loss to Ole Miss to close out the season... yikes.

Teams Ranked Between Nebraska and Boise State in the BCS Standings

Went 0-8 this weekend. That's right, Oregon State, Texas, UCLA, Rutgers, Michigan, Louisville, and Oklahoma State all lost. Nearly half the BCS Top 25 lost this weekend.


Two best teams (Florida State and Clemson) lose at home by double digits, Georgia Tech blown out by Georgia. Lost Maryland to Big Ten. Assume the position.

Gene Smith, Ohio State Athletic Director

By not taking a bowl ban last season, Smith cost the Buckeyes a rematch with Nebraska and possible BCS Championship Berth


Provides a Heisman highlight reel game for Manziel and gets blown out, all because they are playing their new SEC rival, Texas A&M. Now, some idiots in Columbia think Gary Pinkel should be fired. Bet they wish they were still playing Kansas on Thanksgiving weekend.

Lane Kiffin

This almost goes without saying, though ESPN is extremely grateful that they get Notre Dame in the championship game instead of a second SEC Championship game.

Brent Musburger & Kirk Herbstreit

For making sweet radio love to Te'o and the Domers was cringe worthy

Greg Davis & Kirk Ferentz

Oh, we can't forget about the brain trust in deepest Iowegia. Let's look at the game management in both halves. Before halftime, Iowa let nearly 10 seconds run off the clock before calling timeout to run a third down play...only to send twelve men out to huddle up out of the timeout. How the heck do you do THAT? Then, on Iowa's final possession of the game, the Hawkeyes needed to travel the length of the field with three minutes left. And absolutely no sense of urgency. I guess they figured that they could just lull Nebraska to sleep, and then unleash the full potential of the Iowa offense.

Oh wait...they did. Right into the arms of Alonzo Whaley.