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Big Ten To Announce Rutgers Addition


Joe Robbins

The Big Ten Conference will be holding a press conference at Rutgers University at 1:00 PM Central to announce that the Scarlet Knights will be joining the Big Ten Conference. Rutgers University President Robert Barchi, Athletic Director Tim Pernetti, and Big Ten Commissioner Jim Delany will preside, and give us roughly the same information they gave us yesterday about Maryland.

It is not known whether or not Barchi will display the same amount of honesty displayed by University of Maryland President Wallace Loh when he said, "Somebody has to pay the bills. I want to leave a legacy for decade to come, long after I'm gone, that no president is going to wonder if Maryland athletics as we know it is going to survive."

In other words, it's all about the money, money, money, and spare us all the bullshits about history and tradition. Expect Delany to go on in the same direction as yesterday,

"This is not your grandfather's Big Ten... come to think of it, this isn't your father's Big Ten either. Might not even be your cousin's Big Ten. It's the Big Ten this week, and next week it could change... as Ohio State and Michigan leave to join the SEC."

"We fear the Scarlet Knight, but today we take a can of oil and release it from its bounds, just like Dorothy did in that one movie with the tin man."

The presser will be covered by BTN, starting at 12:45 PM Central. It will be streamed live on, and after the presser, BTN will have analysis from a variety of guests who will all say how wonderful this is, what a wonderful school Rutgers University is, and how they, too, wanted to be Knights when they were children.