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Michigan State Week Predictions

Time for the CN staff predictions for Michigan State vs. Nebraska, as well as the rest of Week 10's games.

This guy...
This guy...
Husker Mike: Wow... I went 1-4 last week. But since it was the Nebraska game I got right, I’m still happy with it.

Aaron: Well, I was 1-4, and I didn’t pick Nebraska to win. Guess that makes me a tool. Glad the team pulled out the “W”, though. Hopefully they can keep it up this week.

Cornhead: I can’t remember how well I did last week. Sometimes it’s just better to forget. BUT, I did call the important game correctly.

Billgrip: Well if Aaron’s a tool so am I! Being a tool isn’t all that bad...just ask a screwdriver, or Urban Meyer. Anyways, I declare this bounce back week.

Mister Mike: Pretty sure I went 3-2 last week. Yep. I also picked Michigan...whoops.

Brian: 3-2 also last week, THANKS BOB STOOPS AND MATT MCGLOIN. But this week, THIS WEEK is fantastic.

Andy: I was 3-2 last week. Which is outstanding for me considering there were Husker (love), Georgia (love) and Notre Dame (use golden helmet as toilet when possible) games. Let the good times roll.

Alabama (-9.5) at LSU

Aaron: I have not been a believer in LSU this year. To me, nothing has changed to make me think that this game will be any different than last years NC game. It is in Baton Rouge, so I’ll give the home team the obligatory field goal. Alabama 27, LSU 3.

Cornhead: I echo Aaron’s comments. A night game at Death Valley may give me pause, but not for long. Alabama is really really really really good. Tide 23, Tigers 10

Billgrip: THIS IS ESSS-EEE-SEEE FOOTBALLZ THERE CAN BE NO LOSER!!! Seriously though, in college football right now there are bad teams, average teams, good teams, great teams...and then Bama. Crimson Tide 28, Louisiana State University 13. LSU moves up to 2nd in the BCS just for being in the SEC and not getting blown out by Bama, and everyone starts begging God to please somehow let us see this match-up again because it’s soooo good.

Husker Mike: Chaos theory is the only reason to pick LSU for this game. Everything I’ve seen suggests that chaos isn’t nearly enough to choose the Tigers to win this game. Bama 24, Tigers 12

Jon: Alabama is on its way to becoming on the best teams in history. Unfortunately, Les Miles has a knack for beating Nick Saban. There’s no reason in the world why the Tigers would win this game, but I’m going with chaos theory because we’re not keeping track, and I can’t pick ‘Bama to win this one. LSU 18, Alabama 15

Mister Mike: Both Tide and Tiger have awesome, other-worldly defenses. But apparently Alabama is the only one of the two that also plays on offense. That gives them the edge in this game. Tide 24 LSU 13

Brian: AJ McCarron has no interceptions this year. Zach Mettenberger is another fine product of “If LSU had a fifth of a QB they trusted they would win games like that”. Saban has one of the 3-4 teams in America that gives zero fucks about playing in Death Valley. Put him anywhere and he’ll have his team ready to play. Both D’s are good, but Mettenberger is the guy Saban destroys. Alabama to the SEC title game and BCS title game with this one. LSU’s loss gives em the Cotton Bowl.

Andy: LSU has their fans. Just about every other advantage goes to the Tide. Bama 24 LSU 10

Oklahoma State (+9) at Kansas State

Aaron: Oklahoma State has put together two solid wins the past couple weeks. This will be a good test for the Cowboys. They have a lot to play for, including defending their Big XII title. Win out and the Cowboys are champs. Of course, Kansas State has a lotto play for, too. A chance at the National Title game. Big Kitties 49, Cowgirls 24

Cornhead: Ugh, can we stop picking K-State games!!!??? I keep thinking they’re going to slip up somewhere along the line, but it obviously hasn’t happened. They’ve been good against the spread, too, and that doesn’t change this weekend. K-State 41, Oklahoma St. 27

Billgrip: This could actually be a tough game for K-State. If this team were coached by anyone but Bill Snyder, I’d say it’s a perfect time to slip-up. But as we all know, Bill Snyder is the eternal coach of K-State and his reign will last at least another 1000 years until Tom Osborne returns to earth to retake his Big 8 kingdom by force. Undead Snyder Cats 35, Gundy the MAN 28

Husker Mike: I’m not sold on Kansas State...but they just keep on winning. And I’m not going to waste my time looking for a reason for the Wildcats to lose. If this game was in Stillwater, maybe. But not in the little Apple. Unless the ground opens up and swallows Kirk Herbstreit again. Puddies 42, Pokes 28

Jon: Hey, I’m happy for Kansas State. They’re in the middle of nowhere even more than Lincoln, Nebraska, and somehow that Snyder dude has them in the middle of national title contention talk. Everybody wants to see ‘Bama-Oregon, anyone but Kansas State! Why not the Wildcats? Why not a Collin Klein Heisman? Kansas State 35, Oklahoma State 21

Mister Mike: Hey Cornhead, picking K-State games is better than picking Boston College games like we did for the first few weeks. K-State is exciting to watch this year. I haven’t picked against the Dark Wizard and K-State all year and I’m not about to start now. Okie-Lite just doesn’t have enough to get the job done against the kitty defense. K-State 42, Okie-Lite 28.

Brian: Well, after last week, when can you NOT take the Wildcats. The biggest challenge Snyder has is making sure KSU plays at a level that gets and keeps them above what Oregon and anyone else. OSU is a good young team, but JW Walsh isn’t Collin Klein. Wildcats in this one.

Andy: This smells like the perfect time for an upset. They’re all but ready to put Snyder’s naked, wrinkled ass in a Playboy centerfold (Brian: THIS IS DISGUSTING TO EVEN THINK OF) and the ‘Boys might be dangerous. And, honest to God, K-State can’t be THAT good, can they? Can’t pull the trigger on the upset though. And the sick part is, I’m finding myself pulling for the purple. Ugh. ‘Cats continue to roll while I lay in the shower scrubbing myself and weeping at this shame. KSU 52 Okie Lite 31

Oregon (-7.5) at Southern Cal

Aaron: So apparently there is a Colorado Curse this year. Any BCS team that has played Colorado has lost the next week? Oregon sleep-walked through their game against the Buffs last week, so that means they lose this week right? No. The only school that’s truly affected by the Colorado Curse this year is the Buffs. Oregon 55, USC 21

Cornhead: I’m so sick of USC. Lane Kiffin is a jackhole. I would LOVE a match-up against them in the Rose Bowl. They have been very unimpressive this year, but everyone still slobbers all over them. The Ducks are going to take care of business. Ducks 51, Trojans 38

Billgrip: ESPN spent all summer revin’ up the USC butt-kissing machine after a two-year hiatus. Matt Barkley was the preseason imaginary Heisman Trophy winner. Lane Kiffin was the next Nick Saban. On and on and on. Here we are, 9 weeks into the season and...USC isn’t actually that good. HA! This week, if Oregon doesn’t fall behind big, they should be able to handle USC late in the game due to their lack of talented depth.

Husker Mike: The whole Trojans to the national championship meme forgot one thing; those NCAA sanctions now have limited Southern Cal’s depth. Essentially, a condom that contained the ejaculation of pundits. Here’s the reality: On the outside, Southern Cal is the hot chick, and Oregon is the ugly duckling with the thrift-shop reject clothing. So yeah, Southern Cal impressed on that first date. Then we realized that there was nothing between the ears and she had an attitude. This ain’t no beauty pageant. Ugly Duckies 42, Boys of Troy 28

Jon: Soft is USC. All the talent in the world, but they have a relic as a defensive coach, and a guy who’s out of his league as a head coach. Lane Kiffin isn’t a fool, otherwise he wouldn’t have such a marquee job. Unfortunately, you can’t hide your shortcomings come game time. Oregon is a destroyer, built to compete with the best the SEC has to offer. Unfortunately, Kiffin has yet to figure out his own team, let alone his own conference. Oregon 52, USC 35.

Mister Mike: I’m going against the tide here and picking USC. While the Ducks are certainly talented, so is USC. I think USC has the bodies and talent on defense to slow down the extreme hurry-up offense of Oregon. It’s going to be a fun one to watch though. USC 35, Oregon 31


Andy: USC’s been exposed. Again. And even though the Ducks are leaving the confines of their weirdo madhouse, they’re heading away to play a team that upset them last year, and then did lots of dickheaded chirping about being the “real” champs. I say the Ducks remember. Oregon 58 USC 42

Arizona (+3) at UCLA

Aaron: Honestly, I don’t really care much about this game. I was a UCLA fan earlier this year. I was hoping they would continue to win to make Nebraska look a little better. Then they lost to Oregon State. And then Cal. CAL!? Really Bruins? They are tied with USC for the PAC-12 south so if they win out, they get to be buzz-sawed by Oregon in the title game again. UCLA plays well and Arizona has a letdown after their USC upset last week. UCLA 35, Arizona 21

Cornhead: What to make of both of these teams? They can look unstoppable on offense one game, then like turds the next. They both have first year coaches, so maybe that plays into it. Give me the home team. UCLA 41, Arizona 35

Billgrip: I think all Husker fans view UCLA as a little bit better than they actually are. But Arizona hired Rich Rod, a man who thinks he’s coaching basketball and believes defense is an interesting theory but mostly a dangerous idea that should be banned. I think UCLA can play just enough defense to win this one, especially at home. UCLA 38, Zona 34

Husker Mike: As much as I’d like to pick UCLA, RichRod has Arizona playing better right now...that three game losing streak is long past the rear view mirror now. As much as I’d like UCLA to win, I ain’t gonna do it. Arizona 45, UCLA 38.

Jon: Arizona has a let down after an upset victory of USC. UCLA 35, Arizona 31

Mister Mike: I think the question in this game is which team’s defense is going to show up? Both these programs run versions of the spread and go up tempo if they need to. This is going to be a high scoring affair. Cats 45, UCLA 42

Brian: This game? I mean, Texas vs. T Tech? TAMU vs Miss St? Clemson vs Duke? Fine, whatev’s.... I guess UCLA is going downhill right now? But, Arizona is probably going to be coming off a big high. So, gimme the Bruins this week.

Andy: The toughest pick on the board from where I sit. No logic to it, I just say Arizona’s not back to where they put a big win away & be ready to go again. They’re not ready for extended success. UCLA 41 ‘Zona 35

Nebraska (-1.5) at Michigan State

Aaron: Unless Michigan State comes out with some new wrinkles on offense (i.e. you see Andrew Maxwell running some zone read), I think Nebraska wins if they hit 20 points and protect the ball. Still think it’s going to be a pretty low scoring game, though. I like the afternoon kickoff time and if the Huskers win, I’ll give them an extra hour to sleep in on Sunday. Nebraska 17, Michigan State 10

Cornhead: The Spartan D will keep it close, but I don’t see their offense scoring over 14 points, not with how they have played all year and with the resurgent Blackshirts. This is another opportunity for Nebraska to take a step in the right direction, win a true road game, and keep a strangle hold on the West Division. We’ve been used to letdowns the past few years when in a position like this, but not this weekend. Corn 20, Sparty 14

Billgrip: I think Michigan State’s offense could be better than people are giving it credit for. They just haven’t been able to put it all together yet. The perceived woes in the passing game could be more of a receiver dropsies problem than an Andrew Maxwell accuracy problem. I’ve also read that Maxwell is capable of hurting defenses with his legs, but hasn’t yet because of scheme. If there was ever a week for him to run the ball, it would be this week with their backs against the wall vs. a team that is horrible against mobile QB’s. Luckily, neither Maxwell nor Bell are elusive with breakaway speed, so it’s hard to see them having much success if they change up the offense. As with previous weeks, the team I’m most worried about beating Nebraska is Nebraska. The offense needs to be efficient. The defense needs to avoid giving up big plays. Do that, and this should be a W.

I’m on an 0-2 streak of picking Nebraska to lose. But there’s an infinite amount of ways for an inconsistent team to lose to an underrated opponent on the road the week after a big win. Here’s to hoping my streak of picking incorrectly continues... Michigan State 24, Nebraska 15

Husker Mike: I’ve felt pretty good about this game all along. Michigan State isn’t as good as they were last year, and frankly, I think Nebraska is better. The only question is whether the Huskers have one of those maddening turnover performances or not. Sparty’s defense can certainly capitalize on those mistakes. And the game is in East Lansing, which should count for something...unless Nebraska fans decide en masse to hop in their car and take advantage of those cheap ticket prices on the secondary market. Spartan fans know what’s coming. Huskers 27, Sparty 6.

Jon: What’d I say on the Michigan State Q&A - Nebraska 35, Michigan State 31? I took some crap in their comments section for predicting such a high score, which, honestly, was my goal. Expect Nebraska to have a couple turnovers, but the Husker defense will even it up with two of their own. Nebraska 35, Michigan State 17

Mister Mike: This is the first of two games against what are probably our most dangerous opponents remaining on the schedule. The other being Penn State. We have NOT done well playing on the road in the last two seasons, and this is our first trip to East Lansing since 1995. Like always, if we go up there and commit stupid penalties, turn the ball over, give MSU the short field, we’re going to lose...hands down. If we play like we did last week against Michigan, we will win. Unfortunately, this feels like the one game Pelini’s team drop/lose each year that they shouldn’t. Even so, I’m not going to bet against the Huskers in this one. Nebraska 28, MSU 13.

Brian: The ides of November have not been kind to Nebraska the last couple of years. Northwestern and Michigan last year, Texas A&M the year before. This year’s squad is better than last seasons, but the road is a little more stout. Nebraska should do a decent job of shutting down MSU on offense, but the issue lies when the Huskers have the ball. Taylor is hurting and this is the time where you wonder if leaning on Ameer too much will affect him, just like it did with Rex last season. Points wise, Nebraska’s output has gone down a touch the last couple of games and now have to deal with their biggest in-conference test. The fact that the ticket difference will help Nebraska in this case helps, but a Spartan team fighting for bowl eligibility and their own division title chases doesn’t either. Nebraska wins this one, because the MSU offense is just beat up enough to make a difference. If the Huskers do lose this one it’s back to hoping Michigan hiccups somewhere.

Andy: This is gonna look like two fat kids fighting over a soccer ball in mud. Slow, ugly and tough to watch. I say we put a couple of drives together and that’s enough. Huskers 20 Sparty 6