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Big Ten Divisions Change: Maryland Rutgers to East, Illinois to West

As Maryland and Rutgers join the Big Ten, divisional alignments will change.

Patrick McDermott

With the addition of Maryland and (tomorrow), Rutgers, obviously the Big Ten's divisional alignment had to change.

And it will.

Maryland and Rutgers will join the Eastern Division, while Illinois will move to the Western Division, which makes sense.

Divisional names won't change, of course, and we'll continue to use East/West to describe the divisions, which makes way more sense now that it ever did. If you happen to frequent a web site that still uses those other names, well, those web site publishers are even dumber than before. Perhaps you should mention to them that just because the Big Ten created Leaders/Legends, doesn't mean everyone has to use it.

No word yet on what protected rivalries will mean what and where because no one other than maybe Penn State has any history with these schools. Perhaps it's time to invent some histories in which we come up with fake hatreds, heroes, and uh.... legends, and then everyone can feel better about this lipstick'd pig.