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The Reads: Thanks Tom.

In this edition of the Reads, we celebrate Dr. Thomas Osborne, out-going AD, former head coach and all around Greatest Nebraskan and the Cornhuskers' 38-14 domination of the Minnesota Golden Gophers.

Tom Osborne, we cannot thank you enough.
Tom Osborne, we cannot thank you enough.
Eric Francis

First, something that I'm sure is on everyone's minds following the latest polls:

I'm kind of on board with these guys. If nothing else, I'd love for Nebraska to get a second crack at the Buckeyes and Urban Meyer. (Nebraska's second shot is usually pretty good.)

(Note: I do not actually think this will happen. Nor do I think POTUS should be wasting time with college football.)

To truly understand the injustice of these rankings, despite Nebraska and Florida State being the only two teams with top 20 offenses AND defenses (20 and 19, respectively, for Nebraska), Nebraska somehow slipped in the AP (No. 16 to No. 17) and stayed constant in the BCS/Coaches' Polls (No. 14).

And the SEC is somehow still highly regarded despite their apparent disrespect for the game after mailing in many of their performances this fall. It's stupid but at this point, who cares.

The BCS is outside Nebraska's control. All that matters is the Big Ten and the Rose Bowl. (Bowl Predictions for the Mothership.)

Maybe these Big Ten folks had it right all along.

Let's beat Iowa and Wisconsin and accomplish something this program hasn't since 1999 - a conference championship.


Football (9-2, 7-1 B1G)

The athletic department has set up a nice site to contribute your own thanks if you would like. I don't think we can ever thank Dr. Osborne enough, but we'll certainly try.

Good luck to Shawn Eichorst following up Tom Osborne. Just remember you're not just serving the University but the entire state and you'll do fine.

I bet it would be something to watch college football with Dr. Osborne.

He is the greatest Nebraskan. I'm so glad the team has found a way to honor him. Keep it up. Four wins to go.

The process is coming together. Clean up the mistakes, and this is a team that is going places.

It really has been something to watch, hasn't it?

We need to find a golf coach for the offensive line. And special teams.

A model Nebraska player. I hope this senior class achieves all of their goals.

NU better make room in the record books for Bell. On Saturday Bell had arguably the best game of his career with nine catches for 136 yards and two touchdowns. Bell has a great chance to be the Huskers first 1,000 yard receiver in school history and he should be named first team All-Big Ten.

Kenny Bell is going to be a special one.

See you next year, Gophers! Win your bowl game! Go Big Ten!

All in all, Nebraska did what it needed to. Hopefully Nebraska keeps rolling this week against Iowa to earn a rematch against Wisconsin in Indy.

Nebraska picks up another mid-season recruit, much to everyone's relief. MAYBE OUR COACHES KNOW WHAT THEY'RE DOING.

/lose to Iowa

//everything on fire

Iowa! (Or should we say "Kirk's Golden Palace of Football"?)

The stats say all Nebraska on paper, but we know by now to not trust this team until the double-zeros are on the clock.

Not even a speed bump for Gardner, Robinson and the rest of the Weasels. Hopefully we don't get more than we can handle on the short week.

Big Ten (They're Getting Crabs and Scarlet Fever! Unconfirmed, of course.)

And before the jokes start, remember that the Big 12 has trademarked the Big 14 and the Big 16. (Now start your jokes.)

Nebraska is doing all the right things but there are two games to go. We've learned not to trust this team longer than six days. With a short week and an angry Iowa team, Nebraska will need to stay mistake free this Friday to clinch the West and head to Indy.

Nebraska Athletics

Volleyball drops a heart-breaker in Minneapolis, losing 3-2.

A tough loss for Connie's Lady Huskers.

Nebrasketball is now 3-0 to start the season and improves their record against UNO to 3-0 (1-0 with UNO as a D1 school). Can Nebraska make a sweep of the state and knock off the Jays in December?

Nebrasketball's 2013 season starts to shape up.

Well, I'm not going to lie. I'm okay if our rifle team loses to a military service academy.

Great job, ladies!

UNL Academics

Very cool. Not all jocks are idiots.

This will be great for Nebraska. (And they're doing microbiology research here - maybe a future job opportunity for me.)

National News

But I thought losing in the SEC was a badge of honor?

Mizzou fans have been pommeled into rationality.


That's all for today.

And yes, you should expect the Reads in some form on a daily basis again. Comments, rants, cat pictures and other shenanigans go in the text boxes below.


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