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Cobs of the Week: Washington, Colorado, Ohio, SEC, ESPN GameDay, and Kansas State

Ronald Martinez

This week, there's no end of suckage to look at. Be forewarned...this week's nominations are a multimedia experience. Viewer discretion is advised.


For getting shutout by Colorado until there were less than 100 seconds left until halftime. You're a ranked team. They are 'effin Colorado, for crying out loud.


Hey, we don't mean to pile onto the futility going on in Boulder. (No, seriously!) But the Buffies keep making it hard to keep them out of the weekly Cobs. Watch this pretty good quarterback sneak; good second effort to gain a couple of yards.


But wait...look at that on-screen graphic again. You know...the one that says "1st & 10". Yep...that's right. The Buffs didn't realize that they got the first down on the play before,and so ran the quarterback sneak anyway.


Yeah, Coach Embree... what Buffy fans still remain have been doing this throughout your tenure (and the tenure of your predecessor as well.)


Remember that 7-0 start and being ranked in the Top 25. They've lost 3 of their last 4 games to MAC schools. Not only are they not going to bust into the BCS this season, they aren't even going to play in MAC title game.


Good job mailing it in for their 1-AA challenge week. South Carolina tied with Wofford in the 4th, Florida lets Jacksonville State hang around with them all game. A&M lets Sam Houston State run roughshod on them late. And Missouri loses to Syracuse. (Oh wait...Syracuse isn't a 1-AA team? Since when?)

ESPN GameDay

Their hatchet job on Bo Pelini on Saturday won't be soon forgotten. A token bit of research would have given the self-proclaimed "Worldwide Leader" a different take on Pelini's relationship with his players...but hey, when you are pursuing a Bernard Goldberg-style hit piece, why let reality stop you.

Kansas State

Oops. They did it again. (Just like in 1998.) This video is ONLY for Kansas State fans:

Yeah...that's some serious suckage - in every facet, in every way.