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Predictions: Minnesota Golden Gopher Week

It's time for the CN Staff to pretend they can guess how this weekend's games will play out.

It's a pick, get it?
It's a pick, get it?
Eric Francis

Husker Mike: < TEXT LOST >

James Stevenson: My first prediction post at CornNation, here's hoping I have some beginners' luck so the rest of the crew doesn't harass me too much.

Billgrip: Went 3-2 last week, I'll take it.

Jon J: It doesn't matter how you do, James, you are screwed forever on that issue. HAHAHAHAHA

Salt Creek: Man, I'm really behind on the spreadsheet. And predictions. I'm just really behind. I need a personal assistant.

Aaron: I don't think you will need any luck to beat me. I think next year, I'm going to try to pick the losers instead of the winners.

Brian: Almost Thanksgiving.... then Championship Week... then the Bowls.... WHY IS IT ALMOST OVER ALREADY!??!


David McGee: Wait, how'd we get to Friday already? I don't have time for this...Whatever, I'll throw some non thought out predictions out there and see what sticks.

Andy K: I went 5-0 2 weeks ago and then took a bye week.Or maybe it was two. I really don't remember, I just got drunk with success and other pollutants.

Salt Creek: This is what a head cold gets you.


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Geez, I step out for a couple of weeks and y'all let Brian take the lead? Unacceptable. (But Kevin is making a late push.)

And here's a snap shot of the season so far:


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Week 6 was bad for everyone.

On with the picks...

Ohio State (+3) at Wisconsin

James Stevenson: This line confuses me a lot. I don't really get why Wisconsin is favored and it really concerns me about a potential rematch in the B1G Championship game. Ohio State should be able to handle Wisconsin by a touchdown at least, even if Wisconsin has finally found its footing. I think Ohio State not only covers, but wins outright. Buckeyes 31, Badgers 24.

Billgrip: Definitely rooting for Wisconsin in this one. I'd much rather see a ranked Badger team when if Nebraska plays in the B1G championship game. While I doubt Wisconsin has enough talent to get the job done...I'll still take the team I'm rooting for at home. Stinking Badgers 27, Tattoo shop 24

Salt Creek: Hey, you all remember how I used to be a student at Wisconsin? Yeah. Good times. Badgers are feeling pretty good about running over defensive powerhouse Indiana for 600 yards of rushing, but they're about to be reminded that Ohio State is not, never was and never will be as bad as Indiana. And Ohio State isn't remotely bad. Poisonous nuts win by two touchdowns. (And they may be slightly angry at Wisconsin for the last two seasons.)

Husker Mike: Well, the game is in Madison...and some people apparently believe that Wisconsin turned a corner last week with that smackdown of Indiana. But Ohio State is not Indiana. Curt Phillips will have to do something more throw 7 passes this week. I wouldn't mind the Badgers winning this game, but I'm not betting on it. Bucknuts 31, Badgers 28

Aaron: I'm actually very interested in this game. I've read so much talk about the Huskers to the Rose Bowl this past week. People seem to be blowing off Minnesota, Iowa and Wisconsin. On top of that, everyone else in the Big Ten is talking about OSU going undefeated. Wouldn't the apple cart be upset if Wisconsin wins this one? What if Wisconsin wins big? Nuts 34, Marmots 20

Jon: Wisconsin will need to complete a few passes to win this one. If they expect to run and run and run and run against Ohio State and win, well, that ain't happening. Who has the better run defense in the Big Ten? Wisconsin, although not by much (OSU - 107.9 yards per game vs Wisconsin - 103.4 yards per game). Better rush offense belongs to the Buckeyes, although by not as much as you'd probably think (OSU - 256.1 yards per game vs Wisconsin - 218.80). Wisconsin's pass defense is MUCH better than Ohio State's, and both teams' passing offenses are below 100th. Bottom line - this game is closer than everyone thinks. Wisconsin 28, Ohio State 24

Brian: I just don't see Ohio State not winning this game if Wisconsin can do nothing but run and run and such. Then again, it was good enough to beat Indiana.... Buckeyes roll.

DM: Ohio State makes a statement that yes, they are good enough to be in the national title picture if not for that QB Pryor to Miller who went and screwed everything up for everyone else. OSU by eleventy billion.

Andy: Last year, I picked Ohio St., but I'm not going to the upset well again. The reason? It makes too much sense. The Bucks seem to be hanging on while Wisconsin improves each week. I'm therefore applying the Costanza Corollary: do the opposite of what you feel is right. Buckeyes 28 Badgers 17

Southern Cal (-3.5) at UCLA

JS: The battle for the right to get slaughtered by Oregon in Autzen. Expect this to be a high-scoring and wild affair at the Rose Bowl. These are both flawed teams, with powerful offenses and mediocre defenses. The home field won't mean too much in the cross town rivalry and LA still loving the Trojans. Trojans win in an exciting shootout, and set their sites on the big rematch with Oregon for the conference title. USC 41, UCLA 31

Billgrip: Bleh, I hate picking Pac 12 games. I don't understand that conference. Oregon is unstoppable, and then everyone else is a mixed bag of great offense and average defense. As for this game, all season I've believed that USC is overrated, and we know that UCLA can be pretty good. I'll take UCLA in this one. Bruins 41, Trojans 38

Salt Creek: Jim Mora, Jr. vs the Kiffins. One is a very angry man, the other represents the two extremes of the spectrum of "over-their-head-coaches". I've got Jim Mora's angry coaching upsetting the stumbling Trojans and sending UCLA back to their second Pac-12 game, this time as the actual champs of the South. UCLA by a field goal.

Husker Mike: I'm always skeptical about expecting much out of UCLA, but Southern Cal seems to be in meltdown mode right now. I'll take the Bruins somewhat reluctantly. UCLA 49, Southern Cal 42

Aaron: This is the PAC-12 south title game. I don't see this being a 50-0 USC win like last year. I'd like to go with the Bruins, but I see the Trojans eking out a close one. Condoms 31, Bruins 30

Jon: The battle of the wildly inconsistent against the preseason favorite to win everything. Does "wildly inconsistent" really fit UCLA, though? They are leading the Pac-12 South, one game ahead of USC (5-2 vs 5-3) and their losses came against Oregon State and Cal (43-17? LOLWUT?). Take that California game out of the mix, and you're looking at a vastly improved team playing a bunch of wannabes with a bad coach. UCLA 45, USC 40

Brian: Both teams really make me wonder how the other won't blow them out. It really doesn't matter which team wins, and Chip and the boys will hang 60 on the winner anyways.... but I'll take USC in this one for the fact I wouldn't mind seeing Kiffykins embarassed by Chip again.

DM: Are they doing the thing where they both wear their home uniform? I think that's kinda cool. I wouldn't be shocked if Mora and Kiffen say screw cool things and USC wears their white roadies. If they go color on color, I like USC to win with a field goal late. If not, I like UCLA to win with a field goal late.

Andy: Do you think there are other rivalries where, outside of their campuses, the rest of the country may actually give more of a shit than the chronically disinterested locals? I'd really love to pick the Bruins & I'll definitely be pulling for them, but their defense probably can't hold Barkley & Woods under 40. USC 47 Bruins 34

Stanford (+21) at Oregon

JS: Oregon has had the injury bug biting them recently, and Stanford would love to be the team that gets the drop on the Ducks this year. That said, I just don't see it. Even with Oregon's secondary depleted (you may see De'Anthony Thomas playing in the secondary as well as his traditional offensive role), Stanford just doesn't have the firepower to keep up, or the defense to slow the Ducks down. They get close to covering though. Oregon 52, Stanford 27

Billgrip: I could see this game being somewhat close, but I just can't see Oregon losing to anyone west of Manhattan Kansas this year. Quackers 45, Smart Dudes 38

Salt Creek: Oregon better win this. I don't even want to think about Nebraska trying to shut down Oregon. (But damn, we'd get one hell of a recruiting class if we could take down Oregon.)

Husker Mike: I don't see how the Tree can beat the Ducks. But they will keep it closer than Vegas thinks it'll be. Duckies 49, Tree 41

Aaron: I'm not sure I want to see Nebraska play Oregon in the Rose Bowl, but if any team is going to be the Ducks, I think it will be Stanford. They actually know how to play a little defense. With the injuries Oregon is piling up, this is the week to get them. Stanford 42, Oregon 27

Jon: AT Oregon. That's the key. +21 points, though? I'd take Oregon, but I wouldn't bet on it. Oregon 49, Stanford 21

Brian: How's the 3TE offense of Stanford going to put more than 30 on Oregon? I know they're hurt on Defense, but good lord I must be missing something. Ducks in a route.

DM: Stanford will punch Oregon in the mouth and then the ducks will respond with a flurry of jabs, a couple of left crosses and a game ending uppercut. Oregon wins byTKO.

Andy K.: Nice to see Stanford staying competitive, but they need a different kind of Luck to havea chance in this one. Ducks 45 Bird 24

Kansas State (-12) at Baylor

JS: Kansas State and Colin Klein are the team of destiny this year. Baylor has no defense to speak of, and their offense can be shut down by a sound defense. That doesn't happen here, and they score some points on the Wildcats, but Bill Snyder's bunch takes care of business and inches closer to their first ever shot at a national championship. Kansas State 45, Baylor 28

Billgrip: Baylor has no chance of derailing K-State's national title hopes. No chance. Undead Kittens 41, Cuddly Bears 17

Salt Creek: Bill Snyder casts Magic Missile and wins handily. Baylor doesn't break 14 points, K-State scores that many in the first quarter.

Husker Mike: 42, 70, 49, 56, 42. That's what Baylor's defense has given up in games this season. Looks absolutely Cosgrovian, doesn't it? Meanwhile, K-State has topped 50 five times this season. This one is going to be fug-ly. Puddytats 63, Bearsh 20

Aaron: Baylor made it close last week against Oklahoma. Good incentive for Snyder to keep his team focused this week against the Bears. Kansas State 49, Baylor 21

Jon: Is this the best "other" game out there this weekend? Bleck. Kansas State 38, Baylor 20

Brian: I like Art Briles, but till he fires Phil Bennett, he won't win the games he shouldnt' win. KState in this one too please.

DM: Not many teams are going to stand up to KState, and Baylor would be included in that number. Baylor might, perhaps, maybe still be in this thing at halftime. Maybe. KState pulls away after halftime and wins by 28 or so. Onward Wildcats!

Andy: I'm seriously starting to suspect that Art Briles intentionally fields high school level defenses as a self-challenge to his offensive concept development. Kind of like how Rocky lets people land 37 power shots per round to his face. It's playtime for Collin as he gets to put up some sick numbers to pull back some Heisman mo' from Johnny Football. KSU 66 Baylor 35

Minnesota (+19) at Nebraska

JS: Bo Pelini's bunch needs to put a team away in the first half. I'm not sure that happens here, but I believe that the Huskers pull away in the third quarter. It'll be interesting to see if Rex Burkhead plays in his final home game as a Husker, or if Bo tries to save him for the rematch with the Badgers. Minnesota has a decent defense, though Nebraska should be able to run on them. The Gophers offense is improved, but won't be able to keep pace with the Big Red. Jerry Kill's squad makes it look closer than it actually was with a late score and gets the backdoor cover over the Huskers. Nebraska 38, Minnesota 21

Billgrip: On senior day, team leadership needs to make sure everyone is focused against a decent Minnesota squad that isn't going to lay down and let the Huskers have this one without a fight. The finish line is in sight, this is no time to letup regardless of the opponent. To win, the formula is simple for Nebraska- run the ball early and often and play sound defense. There is no need for Tim Beck to get cute in this game. Rex should be back, but I'd be surprised if he had more than 8 carries. Give Abdullah 15-20 carries, another 15-20 carries amongst everyone else, and Nebraska should honor the senior class with a solid victory. The earlier Nebraska can put this game away the better. Avoid injuries, and let the starters get a little second half rest. Nebraska 34, Minnesota 13

Salt Creek: Senior Day. It's been an interesting four or five years for our seniors. Bo Pelini's first class. They've done a great job of rebuilding Nebraska. Yes, this team still enjoys the occasional self-inflicted foolishness. This Saturday, they'll come out of the Tunnel one last time, to a deep roar from the Sea of Red. They'll be emotional. They will play sloppily for the first quarter or so, maybe let Minnesota score a TD. And then they'll shake it off, and Taylor will lead Nebraska to a solid victory for Senior Day. And Rex gets the call on the Victory formation, to a standing ovation from the crowd. And no one goes home, because let's face it, there's no place like Nebraska and we don't want the game to end. Nebraska 41, Minnesota 10.

Husker Mike: Yeah, yeah, yeah. We all know how Nebraska SHOULD play...but this team can't get out of it's own way in the first half...except in the first quarter in Columbus, and we all know how THAT went. So look for it to be close at halftime, and the Huskers pulling away in the second half. Huskers 42, Goofers 20

Aaron: Minnesota's defense should be able to slow down the Huskers a bit. But it won't be enough to get the W. Nebraska 31, Minnesota 13.

Brian: Senior Day. Sending off Rex, sending off Tom. Sending off this team to go to the Rose Bowl on New Years Day..... yep, if you can't get up for this one, can't help ya son. (obligatory 99 problems and a Gopher ain't one line). Nebraska gets em early and runs all over em.

Jon: Justin Jackson is a freakin' senior! Crap! And Choi?! Dadgum! It's like we barely got to know them, especially Jackson. Well, I hope they all go on a tear against Minnesota and the game is over by halftime. Start fast and have a great first half for once. Kyler Reed needs to score one last time at home, and P.J. Smith needs to pick off a pass. Stafford can knock loose a fumble, while Eric Martin gets five sacks all by hisself. Add all that up, and it's an ass-kicking. Nebraska 56, Minnesota 13

DM: The emotion will be through the roof. Sexy Rexy's last home game. Glad he won't be on crutches, that would have been bad. Hope he gets to play. That would be nice for him to get at least a few snaps at home. I think Ameer has another big day. So does Kyler Reed. Combine senior day with Osborne's final home game in an official capacity with the university and the tears and adrenaline should be through the roof. Hopefully the team doesn't get too lost in it and can get off to a fast start and keep Minnesota from having any hope this game. The Gophers have been a nice little story this year, but not this week. Huskers roll: 42-21.

Andy: I think Jon is the most dialed in as to what' going to happen here. Our D may need some playmakers for future title contention, but this ain't a title game. Minnesota has been squashed by every talented team they've faced and three freshman up the middle of the offense won't right the ship. Burkhead carries 4 times for 62 yards and twists his knee again. NU 48 Gophs 10