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Reads: Bo's Sideline Demeanor (Again), WBB at #15, And Plenty of Money for EVERYBODY!

Everyone's talking about Bo Pelini's sideline demeanor, his argument with Daimion Stafford. The Nebraska women's basketball is ranked #15, and a new college football playoff brings in plenty of money for everybody!

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Eric Francis

Agreement on BCS playoff structure reached

"There will be plenty of money for everybody," BCS executive director Bill Hancock said. "The bottom line is 'more.' "

EVERYBODY!!!!!! WOohoo!!! Well, except players of course.

The playoff is estimated to be worth anywhere from $400M to $600M. Expect coaches salaries to skyrocket. Expect your campus, especially if it's a BCS school, to build the most ridiculous facilities known to man. Athletic departments might be able to use that money to make themselves solvent, but OMG the SEC might not be in the national title picture this season and something must be done about it!

Expect the calls for paying players to become commonplace. Expect unionization to gain steam. The NCAA schools will respond (if they're smart) by agreeing to the $2000 stipend that they shot down last year.

Expect me to resent the fact that it costs an arm and a leg to send a regular kid to college, and there isn't a damned thing being done about containing those costs. Expect me to be one of hundreds of thousands of parents who feel the same way, and youth sports will become even more contentious.

Huskers Climb Three Spots to No. 15 - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site

Nebraska rose from No. 18 to No. 15 on the strength of Sunday's 64-39 win over Temple at the Bob Devaney Sports Center in Lincoln on Sunday. The Huskers were plus-13 on the boards and plus-12 in the turnover department on their way to a comfortable win over a Temple team that won 23 games and advanced to the WNIT Sweet 16 last year.

Women's basketball is up to #15 in the polls. Have you started paying attention yet?

Nebraska's Pelini: Sideline argument no big deal

Stafford pointed his right index finger in Pelini's face, turned around and then came back to yell and point some more as Pelini leaned toward him. Pelini's back was to the camera for the duration of the video.

Perlman: Pelini 'Victim of His Reputation'

Perlman wrote in an email to The Associated Press "at this point Bo is a victim of his reputation and is unfairly singled out by the news media. He has noticeably controlled his sideline behavior this year. Unless there is evidence that he is losing his team's respect, which I do not see, I think within reason you have to accept him for who he is."

Good for Harvey Perlman for standing up for his guy. Does this put a hamper on those who are sure Eichorst was hired just to fire Bo Pelini? Probably not. They'll just find something else to hang their hat on.

Freshman Imani Cross steps up in critical short-yard plays - Daily Nebraskan

All of Cross’ extra reps in practice were about to be shown. Cross thought about one thing as Husker quarterback Taylor Martinez snapped the ball. "Follow the offensive line to glory land," Cross said.

Minnesota Gophers: Jerry Kill 'majorly concerned' about center injuries -
Gophers football coach Jerry Kill said hes "majorly concerned" about the center position after his top two centers, Jon Christenson and Zach Mottla, left because of injuries during a 17-3 win Saturday, Nov. 10, at Illinois.

Scoggins: A switch in position, but not in personality for U's Gray |

Gray had just lost to rival Wisconsin for a fourth consecutive season while playing wide receiver on an injured ankle. No, this is not what the senior quarterback envisioned for his final season. But then he spoke and his character poured out.
He promised to help the true freshman quarterback who took his spot. He vowed to make the most of his new position and the final stretch of his college career. He was disappointed but not disruptive. Nor did he sound jealous or bitter during a series of subsequent interviews that focused primarily on the bright future of his successor, Philip Nelson.

The Monday Perspective, Now We Worry About Match-ups - The Daily Gopher

Two weeks to go in the season and now the Gophers move from fretting about that sixth win to scoreboard watching and looking to add to our resume for a better game. There have already been several...

Tim Brewster left the Gopher program in shambles. Jerry Kill has them going bowling in only his second year. That's a pretty darned good improvement any way you look at it. Add in the fact that they're playing their third quarterback of the season (and one that will probably be their starter the next three years) and you have to be impressed.

And The Calls For Bobby Petrino Have Begun - The Champaign Room

Not only does Cowley think Illinois should fire Beckman, but he even provides his ideal replacement: Bobby Petrino.

Bobby Petrino is about as stable a coach as you can find for Illinois? I'm not buying it. I have no idea why anyone would advocate hiring Petrino with all the baggage he's going to bring with him.

Why the Badgers Beat Ohio State - Bucky's 5th Quarter
After being installed as favorites against the undefeated Buckeyes, it's time to explain why this notion isn't as crazy as it seems.

Bielema Talks Montee Ball's Draft Prospects, Braxton Miller's Improvement - Bucky's 5th Quarter
Wisconsin's head coach held court on Monday after an overwhelmingly successful weekend that has the Badgers in prime position to battle the Buckeyes this Saturday.

Screwed: Nebraska 32, Penn State 23* - Black Shoe Diaries

At some point, as these horrendous calls against the Nittany Lions add up, even the most reasonable minds have to wonder whether there's some conspiracy against Penn State.

I can have a tendency to go a little nuts about Nebraska football from time to time, but even I don't go off like this. This is NSFW, with a whole crapload of F-bombs. F-bombs.... too bad you can't use them in COD.