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CN Live Chat 11-12-12: Feeling Minnesota, Milestone for Miles

Corn Nation's Live Chat comes to you this week, talking about the Penn St. win, Tim Miles first Nebraska victory, and the upcoming game versus Minnesota

Eric Francis

Greetings to you, on the second Monday of November.

This is so much pleasant than it was last Monday, no? No political ad's, no terrible halftime interviews and such... just talking about the Penn State victory, Nebrasketball's debut vs Southern, and the Minnesota game coming up.

Of course, you can always Click Here and go right to the chat.

Don't forget that this week, we'll be working with Minnesota SBNation Community "The Daily Gopher" this week. They seemed pretty stoked to be just going to a bowl game, so maybe they'll be just happy to be in Lincoln? We hope so.

And after the chat, I'll be picking a winner for the Hyundai Fanthropology Challenge, so if you haven't entered, GET THERE NOW. There is a leader in the clubhouse, so you better bring it. Click here to go enter.