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Cobs of the Week: 'Bama, UCLA 2nd Half, Indiana, Auburn, Tennessee, Louisville, Tommy Tuberville, B1G Refs, Northwestern, & Matt McGloin

This week's nominees for worst of the week features a quarterback who melted down under pressure, a national championship wanna be no more, and our friends the B1G Refs.


In this week's installment of the "Worst of the Week" in college football, we' re passing on our old standbys of Iowa and Colorado. While they were once again cob-worthy this week, let's not forget that they seem to be cob-worthy every week. It almost goes without saying, so why bring them up when they are simply executing to their normal level of suckage?

Besides, there's a whole bunch of suckage out there to look at this week.

Alabama. OK, let's be clear here. Iowa and Colorado sucked a whole lot more than Alabama did this week. But Alabama was actually playing for something. (This is when someone from BHGP chimes in and claims that (a) Iowa still is mathematically eligible for a bowl bid and (b) James Vandenberg is a better quarterback than Taylor Martinez.) The thing with 'Bama is that they had a chance to win the game late...and threw a pick. Cue the whining from the SEC that the SEC champion should get into the BCS title game over one of the other undefeated teams in 3 ... 2 ... 1....

UCLA. OK, most normal people either (a) were already in bed, (b) doing something far more interesting, or (c) all of the above at halftime with the Bruins comfortably up 37-7. Maybe some of the Bruins did the same thing, as Mike Leach's bunch staged a furious comeback for a 44-36 final score. The big thing is that Washington State's best receiver left the team this week and the Cougars still passed for 456 yards. (P.S. Keep an eye on this Marquess Wilson story; we've seen this before.)

Indiana. For a school playing for a chance to win the B1G East division in football, basketball season couldn't get here fast enough. Here's the stat line for what the Hoosiers allowed: 64 rushes, 564 yards. Wisconsin only completed four of seven passes for 41 yards. Hoosier daddy?

Auburn: Is Gene Chizek even trying any more?

Tennessee: The Vols defense is absolutely Cosgrovian.

Louisville: Undefeated, begging for attention, and getting ran out of the back of the Carrier Dome . . . by Syracuse?

Tommy Tuberville: For the way he ripped his OC's headset off, then needed 2OT's versus Kansas, at home.

Northwestern: For grasping defeat out of the jaws of victory against Michigan. Northwestern takes the lead with four minutes left in the 4th quarter, and gets the ball back with an interception one play later... AND STILL LOSES. Don't you like nice things?

B1G Referees: They were having a bad day even before that Penn State fumble.

Matt McGloin: I know McGloin was upset over the fumble call in the fourth quarter, but that's not why Penn State lost. McGloin put on his tinfoil helmet after the game and spouted off on conspiracy theories that the Big Ten has it out for Penn State. Luckily, none of his teammates are buying into McGloin's argument as the reason why Penn State lost. For the sake of argument, give Matt Lehman the touchdown. Penn State leads by 3 with seven minutes to go. Is that a safe lead? Hardly; Michigan State had a 10 point lead at that point a week earlier - at home.

If the Big Ten referees were really out to get Penn State, they wouldn't have overlooked a Penn State player who rips his helmet off on the field and screams directly five feet in front of the head referee as he's calling a penalty. That's a fifteen yard penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct...and that player was also Matt McGloin.

McGloin's had a heck of a season and has played really well this season to become a legitimate candidate for postseason honors. But he melted down late in the Penn State game.