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Ohio State And Nebraska Fans Together In Harmony

Ohio State and Nebraska fans were together in harmony in Columbus, or at least that's the reports I received back from some fans who attended, and from Pat Hartline, the man who invited all the Huskers fans in attendance to his tailgate.

Hartline sent me an email wanting to thank all the Husker fans who showed up, which he estimates at about 30 to 40 fans. He mentioned that Husker fans came from Virginia, Iowa, Kansas and that he appreciated their generosity in the tip jar.

A special shout out goes out to Dustin, who drove all night to arrive in Columbus, and met Hartline and his crew at their tailgate at 9 am.

Hartline sent me several photos that are included in this gallery.

Huskermedic from sent us some photos as well. These have already been posted at, but I thought I'd share some thoughts from Huskermedic.

- The work that goes into it. The canopies are set up on Friday night, but the rest of the stuff is set up at 4 am by Hartline and his counterparts.

- The food was amazing and they had a lot of it.

- The tailgate was easy to get to, since the bus drop off was right next to it.

- The several Husker fans in attendance all had good things to say about the tailgate and the experience.


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