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Cobs of the Week: Nebraska Defense, Georgia, LSU, Auburn, UCLA, Florida State, and Casey Pachall

Nebraska's defense has a lot of company as we look at the worst of the weekend in college football.

Wesley Hitt - Getty Images

Oh, what a horrific weekend of football...fortunately for us, we aren't alone in our misery this weekend. Suckage was all over this weekend.

Nebraska Defense: The first quarter was pretty darn good. The next three quarters were pretty much awful. That UCLA game was no fluke, I'm afraid.

UCLA: Speaking of UCLA, want to feel even worse? UCLA turned the ball over six times, and their quarterbacks were sacked five times. The Bruins lost to previously 1-4 Cal 43-17.

Georgia: ESPN sent GameDay for this?

LSU: Trying to channel the 2009 Nebraska philosophy: great defense, and non-existent offense.

Florida State: You just knew that you really shouldn't take the Seminoles seriously.

Auburn: What in the name of John L. Smith is going on at Auburn? Losing 24-7 to THIS GUY?

Casey Pachall: Dude, you knew you were on a short leash at TCU after getting caught with marijuana earlier in the year. You think it's somehow better to get blasted with a legal substance? Not if you're driving, doofus.