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Game Day! - Early Open Game Thread

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It's the biggest Saturday of the season so far. There are a lot of good games on the schedule (finally), and today's schedule until the Nebraska vs Ohio State game is below.

If you're new, and you have found us at Corn Nation, I hope you see us as a place online that you can discuss college football with the most knowledgeable fan base in the country.

CFB Week 6 TV
All Times Central
11:00 AM Navy at Air Force Channel_cbs_medium
AF -7.5
11:00 AM Kansas at Kansas St Channel_fx_hd_medium
KSU -25
11:00 AM Northwestern at Penn St Channel_espn_medium
PSU -3
11:00 AM Arkansas at Auburn Channel_espn2_medium
AUB -7.5
11:00 AM Connecticut at Rutgers Channel_espnu_custom_medium
RUT -7
11:00 AM Michigan St at Indiana Channel_big_ten_network_medium
MSU -16
2:00 PM Arizona at Stanford Channel_fox_medium
STA -12
2:30 PM LSU at Florida Channel_cbs_medium
LSU -3
2:30 PM Illinois at Wisconsin Channel_abc_medium
WIS -14
2:30 PM Oklahoma at Texas Tech Channel_abc_medium
OU -4
2:30 PM Georgia Tech at Clemson CLE -10
2:30 PM Wake Forest at Maryland Channel_espnu_custom_medium
MD -2
3:00 PM Michigan at Purdue Channel_big_ten_network_medium
UM -3
6:00 PM West Virginia at Texas Channel_fox_medium
NEB -5
6:00 PM Georgia at South Carolina Channel_espn_medium
USC -1
6:00 PM Texas A&M at Ole Miss Channel_espnu_custom_medium
A&M -13
6:30 PM Miami at Notre Dame Channel_nbc_medium
ND -14
7:00 PM Nebraska at Ohio St Channel_abc_medium
OSU -4.5
7:00 PM Florida St at NC State Channel_espn2_medium
FSU -16.5
9:00PM UCLA at Cal Channel_pac_12_network_2_medium
9:00 PM Washington at Oregon Channel_espn_medium
ORE -24

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Now that you've scanned the schedule, I hope you realize that that whole thing about "the most knowledgeable fan base" is just a load of crap. Some of us are pretty knowledgeable... okay, listen, that's a lie, too.

We're Corn Nation. We're a fun group. We're not necessarily the most eloquent group on the internet, but we know how to treat people right. If you're going to join us, a requirement is that you have a sense of humor, love college football, cats, and the Nebraska Cornhuskers. That's it. It's not a huge requirement. Collectively, we're low maintenance. If you're low maintenance, we're your place to be. Welcome.... to Corn Nation on Game Day!