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The Other Ohio Week Reads: Friday, October 5

Urban Meyer's Ohio State is recruiting athletes, not students...and fallout from Shawn Eichorst's hiring in both Miami and Lincoln.

Gregory Shamus - Getty Images

Salt Creek and JLew are the third team is in to do Corn Reads. I can't get this straight. But at least I can't be worse than Ohio State's third string quarterback....

Ohio State's Third-String Quarterback "Ain't Come To Play SCHOOL" - Deadspin

"Why should we have to go to class if we came here to play FOOTBALL, we ain't come to play SCHOOL, classes are POINTLESS" - Cardale Jones

DERP. Makes you wonder what Urbz is telling his recruits.

Ohio State says it 'owes' Nebraska for loss - AP via
It was a game that went into the Nebraska record books — and the Ohio State memory banks.

"Last year was last year. I'm not going to forget it, but I'm not going to dwell on it either," Ohio State linebacker Etienne Sabino said. "But we're looking forward to this game this week."

Blame Braxton Miller's ankle all you want...but they should also remember how Nebraska's offense wore Ohio State down.

Miami Hurricanes AD Shawn Eichorst resigns, takes Nebraska position -
At UM, which is bracing for NCAA sanctions in the case involving former Hurricanes booster and convicted felon Nevin Shapiro, Eichorst had been one of the most low-profile athletic directors in school history. He was not at UM during Shapiro’s wrongdoings but, except for a couple of times, has declined to speak to the media since coming to Miami — and he has mostly kept his distance from UM fans and donors.

"I wouldn’t know Miami AD if he told me who he was and that’s all u need to know!!" former UM star running back Alonzo Highsmith, the father of current safety A.J. Highsmith, posted on Twitter after learning the news. "Donna listen. Find an AD with vision, passion, guts, decision maker, leader, knows and respects program, knows the culture, man of people!"

Sour grapes from Miami, to be sure...but a clear pattern of invisibility by Nebraska's new athletic director is emerging from South Beach.

Blame Shalala, not Eichorst, for UM issues - South Florida

"Was Shawn Eichorst a myth at Miami? I never met him, never saw him, never heard him talk, was told he didn't talk to alums or supporters. I was told he never did media interviews. This athletic department needs a salesman as much as a CEO."

More of the same.

Steven M. Sipple: New AD might encounter rugged terrain : Lincoln Journal-Star ($$)

Osborne had a relatively insignificant role despite Perlman's assurance Sept. 26 — the day Osborne announced his impending retirement — that "Tom will play an important role in advising me" during the hiring process. So, Osborne feels slighted. He isn't the only one. Nebraska football coach Bo Pelini was told he would have significant input. But he last talked to Perlman about the situation in August, before the search began. The executive search firm helping Perlman had trouble reaching Pelini during the last couple of weeks, Perlman said. Whatever. I'm told Pelini isn't thrilled. He learned Thursday morning that Eichorst was the choice — not necessarily a big deal until you consider Pelini was told he would be involved.

Perlman's decision to exclude Tom Osborne from the search process has some merit. But not when you tell Osborne the exact opposite. And if Bo Pelini's not happy either, that's another major issue. Considering how Perlman skated off relatively unscathed after the Steve Pederson error, you'd hope that he'd be more careful in his approach this time.

Osborne seeks to calm waters : Lincoln Journal-Star

" I was never under the impression that the hiring of a new athletic director would be my decision. It is important that Nebraskans give Shawn Eichorst every opportunity to have a successful tenure as the next athletic director at the University of Nebraska."

Osborne trying to calm the waters. But if Nebraskans are forced to choose, they'll support Osborne long before they support Harvey Perlman, the man who brought Steve Pederson to power and covered for him until the bitter end. And the BCS as well.

Shatel: Take the NU keys, Shawn, but drive carefully -

Harvey Perlman did Nebraska's new athletic director a favor. He pulled Shawn Eichorst out of a tough spot in Miami, giving him a clean start, back in his Big Ten, in a culture he'll find familiar.

Translation: Keep the car between the lines and don't make any waves. Nothing appears broken in Lincoln at this time.

Ex-Husker Vershan Jackson pleads not guilty in pot case -

The former tight end, who was one of the leaders of the 1997 team, is free on bond after being ticketed for being in a car where marijuana was found.