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tOSU Week - October 4th, 2012

In today's Reads JLew fills to help you through your Thursday with a look at the QBs who will decide the Nebraska- Ohio State game this weekend.

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Hey everybody- Salt asked me to fill in for him today and tomorrow. I'm focusing most of the links on the game on Sat, though you can check out all the breaking news on Nebraska's new AD Right Here.

So about the game, what do we know about either team right now? It seems that after non-conference play we should have a handle on who's good and who's not. But it's really hard to tell anything about these 2 teams. Let's look at who both teams have played-


Southern Miss 0-4. They are a bad team.
UCLA 3-1. The only "good" win they have is over Nebraska. No I don't want to talk about it.
Arkansas State 2-2. No good wins.
Idaho State 1-3. This does not count for anything.
Wisconsin 3-2. No good wins here either.

So not a lot of high cards in that deck.

Ohio State-

Miami (OH) 3-2. No good wins.
UCF 2-2. No good wins.
Cal. 1-4. No good wins.
UAB 0-4. no wins.
Michigan State 3-2. You can make a case that MSU is good, but their ranking looks to be from ranking inertia, Teams that are ranked at the beginning of the year tend to stay ranked. They did beat Boise State, but they maybe bad as well. Plus MSU has almost no offense. Sadly this looks to be the best team that either team has played.

So do you see the trend of no good wins there? Both these teams look to be soft, or at least untested. Another reason why this game looks to be a toss up. And wow is the conference bad this year one of these teams maybe the best in the conference (yes I see you Northwestern, you wait your turn.)

Anyway on to the links. maybe you can provide me with some evidence that NU will come away with the win?

I'd like to invite you to THURSDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL. Arizona at St. Louis from the NFL, and the 3college football games: Arky State vs FIU, ECU vs UCF and USC vs Utah! It'll be party on the site ALL NIGHT LONG!

Dear Old Nebraska U Football

When Martinez is off, the Huskers usually follow suit. He didn't play well in Nebraska's blowout road losses at Wisconsin and Michigan last season, and his worst half this year came at UCLA in the team's only loss. He had a slow start last week at home against Wisconsin as Nebraska fell behind 27-10, but he led the way in a 30-27 comeback victory. Miller, meanwhile, has repeatedly bailed Ohio State out of bad situations this season. While he's made some mistakes, like last week's three turnovers at Michigan State, he makes up for them with dazzling plays. The Buckeyes wouldn't be anywhere close to 5-0 without his heroics.

2 QB's enter, 1 QB leaves.

2. Ohio State- Great win Saturday, and the temptation is there to vault OSU to the number one spot, but let’s see some consistency first. Beating the Cornhuskers this weekend would qualify.
1. Nebraska- This could change with the ‘Huskers traveling to Columbus this weekend, but right now Nebraska has been the team with the least holes in the sinking conference ship.

Look at how bad the conference is! Look at it!

Don't you try and reverse jinx us Urban. We're on to you! -JLew

The fumbling issue, I don't know. Is it just a failure to execute? Or are our players not being coached up on ball protection? - Salt

STOP DROPPING THE DAMN BALL. Why is this a continued problem? - JLew

One has us winning, the other losing. All the points are there, mobile QB, fumbles, a field goal to win, it just depends on how those variables shake out.

1. Miller Time, T-Magic on display: Ohio State's Braxton Miller and Nebraska's Taylor Martinez might not be traditional Big Ten quarterbacks, but they're the faces of the quarterback position in the league these days. Both are dynamic dual threats who have made significant strides from the 2011 season. Miller aims to continue his Heisman Trophy campaign Saturday night against a Nebraska defense that struggled to contain him last year before he left the game with an ankle injury. Martinez led the biggest comeback in Huskers history last year against Ohio State and has accounted for eight touchdowns (6 pass, 2 rush) in his past three games.

The No. 4 Nebraska volleyball team will travel to take on the No. 12 Purdue Boilermakers and the Indiana Hoosiers this weekend. Lincoln will be dead this weekend.

College Football

Watch for the dramatic shift back to football games and not just a race to the most wins. - Salt

Maybe the ACC-B1G challenge for football could happen now? Doubt it, but maybe. - Salt