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Wednesday Reads: Will Nebraska Fans Invade Michigan State?

It's getting closer to basketball season which means Michigan State fans may be losing interest in football. Can Nebraska fans invade East Lansing? Needs some reasons to do so? That and a whole bunch of other reads are right here.

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Eric Francis

Michigan State football team amped up for the Nebraska challenge, but are the Spartans' fans? |


2012 Michigan Preseason State Q&A: Le'Veon Bell Breaks Out - Corn Nation

Husker fans are legendary for traveling to see football games. East Lansing/Michigan State isn't known as a great destination. Give us some reasons as to why Husker fans should be eager to come to East Lansing.

Go back to our 2012 Michigan State preseason Q&A and you'll find some reasons as to why you might want to go to East Lansing to see a game. VISITOR'S GUIDE!

You'll also get a taste of Chris Vannini telling us "we're just another team", which, hey, who is that guy

Spartans Issue of the Week: Michigan State's Andrew Maxwell must keep momentum from end of Wisconsin win |

Nebraska will bring the Big Ten's No. 1 offense into Spartan Stadium on Saturday. Michigan State fans' biggest worry: Keeping up, and that's not because they have doubts about the league's No. 1-ranked defense.

Michigan State's Mark Dantonio says Wisconsin win was important but not a 'season-saver' | The Detroit News |

"I wouldn't say it was a season-saver," he said. "We needed to win a close game and it's important to win on the road at Camp Randall, which is difficult to do. But I wouldn't call it a season-saver."

No, that would be this weekend which is why we need to slam this door shut.

What if QB injury bug bit Huskers? |

So how does Beck feel if something were to happen to Taylor Martinez and the Huskers had to go with walk-on Ron Kellogg? "We feel good," he said. "You know, there’s things he probably does better than Taylor. He’s a very smart guy. He doesn’t need a lot of reps. He can go out there and he sees things and he’s able to react.

I'd really rather not find out how well Ron Kellogg can do, thank you very much. Wait - scratch that. I'd love to see how Kellogg can do this weekend. Put him in in the third quarter, after we have a 45-3 lead. WOohoO!!!!

The Numerical, Week 9: Title-caliber surges and flaming metaphors -

1.9. Yards per play averaged by Michigan after quarterback Denard Robinson went down and freshman Russell Bellomy took over. The Wolverines averaged 3.8 yards per play and scored six points behind a rather erratic Robinson; they gained just 53 yards in 28 plays without him.

So.... we were kind of kicking Michigan's buttocks even with Robinson in the game. Nice of someone else to notice.

Bill Snyder: Miracle Worker | Smart Football

Given the success Kansas State is having (again) under Bill Snyder (again), it’s good to spend a little time thinking about how the 73-year old wonder does it. And, unsurprisingly, the reason K-State is winning now is the same reason K-State was winning before: because they play with great effort, great discipline, and they do all of the little things right (they also have some pretty good players, especially their quarterback Collin Klein and linebacker Arthur Brown).

Great discipline... sigh.....

50 Years Later: Q&A with Dennis Claridge - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site

Q: Is there any funny incident that comes to mind when you think back to your playing days?

A: Oh jeepers. The one that comes to mind was after beating Miami in the Gotham Bowl, and some sportswriter said: "Coach Devaney, why don't you kiss Claridge?" And Devaney said: "Back in Nebraska, we kiss girls." There were others, but that was probably as good as any. I wish I could relate just half of Bob's talks because he always had people in stitches. I'd pay money to have some of those moments recorded.

Because Bob Devaney one-liners never gets old.

Marcus Lattimore's injury shows why a four-team college football playoff is enough - Yahoo! Sports

College football should cap its playoff at four teams. The reason: Marcus Lattimore. The South Carolina running back spent his 21st birthday Monday checking out of a hospital, wondering if the gruesome knee injury he suffered Saturday will ruin his NFL dreams. Forbes estimates the injury to Lattimore's right knee could cost him $9 million in professional earnings in his first four years alone, much more if he never plays a down in the NFL. That should sound an alarm across the entire college football landscape.

I agree with the premise of this bit - that playing a longer season doesn't benefit the players as much as it benefits the programs who are making millions and the fans who are watching, but when you read both this article and the Forbes article, you should come away with the fact that the NCAA is looking out for players by offering them disability insurance in case such injury damages their professional earning potential.

Other than that.... what are the players supposed to do, play until they've earned #1-#3 NFL draft status, then not play anymore?

Why did I link to this article again?

Blackshirts Aim to Corral Bell, Silence Spartans - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site

"(Bell) is a tough, physical, downhill runner," Papuchis said. "He runs well behind his pads, he's punishing, and you want to make him run east and west as much as you can."

If last week was about Denard Robinson, this week is about Le'Veon Bell. If Nebraska can contain/stop the Spartan run game, their offense will be severely limited.

Husker N Side, 11 Husker Blackshirts Named Defensive MVP

Defensive Player of the Game: Entire Defense What a meaningful tribute to 11 newly anointed Blackshirts.

Question for y'all. What does the Blackshirt tradition mean to you? I know some think the tradition is somehow bigger than the coach who runs the program, but if you can't run a program like you see fit, isn't that limiting what you can use for incentives? And don't you feel better about having a defense that's good enough to call itself "Blackshirts" rather than just wearing a bunch of black shirts?

Hail Varsity: Tale of the Tape: Michigan

We’re going to take a slight departure from the usual Tale of the Tape format today. Rather than focusing on five key plays that shaped the game, I want to look at one key drive – Nebraska’s six-play, 72-yard touchdown drive to open the second quarter.

Around the Scorn: Michigan calls for more backup - Sunday Morning Quarterback

Among the partisans, the factions seem fairly evenly split on whether blame for the malaise should fall on Robinson himself, or on his awkward marriage to an offensive coordinator, Al Borges, who either refuses or simply doesn't know how to exploit fear of a running quarterback in the passing game. But the basic premise is not debatable: By every relevant standard, Denard the senior is lagging well behind the curve set by his spectacular sophomore self back in 2010.

I have a feeling I'll like Al Borges as more time passes. I hope Michigan keeps him around for the coming years.

B1G Power Poll: Horror Movie Edition - Off Tackle Empire

HAVEYOUHAVEYOUDON'TLOOKITSMESMERIZINGAAAAAHHHHH) brainwashes Nebraskans into believing they are the chosen ones and to show no mercy to those that come to their town.

In what world can Nebraska be a horror movie that isn't "Children of the Corn"?

Take Two: More likely to win out? - Big Ten Blog - ESPN

Two teams control the race for division titles: Ohio State, which can win the Leaders crown (and finish 12-0) by winning its final three, and Nebraska, which will go to the Big Ten championship game if it sweeps its four November games. So today's Take Two topic is: Which team is more likely to win out?

Ohio State is more likely to win out because they're Ohio State so don't bother beating yourself up about it.

Nebraska? You gotta like Bo Pelini's record in November, and you have to like our chances. The defense is coming around, and the offense is pretty darned good. Cut down on the turnovers and we're set.

10 NCAA football records set to fall over year's final month

Oregon is one of several teams looking to set new FBS records over the final month of the regular season.

Amongst those mentioned - Colorado - which could give up the most points ever in history, as in ever in history, not ever in history since last month. I don't have anything against Colorado anymore, so you'll pardon me if I don't take a lot of joy in their demise. Dan Hawkins, for crying out loud, how in the hell did the Buffies fall so far?