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Week 10 Blogpoll Top 25 Released: Nebraska at #21

This week's Blogpoll Top 25 features Kansas State taking over the #2 position.

This week's Blogpoll Top 25 has been released, with Nebraska taking the placing of Michigan at #21. Win at Michigan State this weekend, and the Huskers will remain ranked. Lose, and most likely Michigan State will take Nebraska's place in the poll.

Alabama remains at #1, with Kansas State replacing Oregon at #2. The Ducks slip to 3#. Notre Dame, LSU, Georgia, Florida, Ohio State, Florida State, and Clemson round out the Top Ten.

What you're looking at is the overall Blogpoll Ballot as put together by gobs of us voting in the poll. My ballot can be found here, and it might be one of the worst I've done in a while. I showed up in a number of whack categories when usually I'm only found under the "Straight Bangin'" award.