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Linked Up: Frustration in the Big Ten

A quick look around the SB Nation Big Ten blogs reveals that next to nobody cares about whether or not Urban Meyer edited the Buckeye's offensive line's pre-snap nose picking session. But there were plenty of other things to get frustrated about, as you'll read below.

An odd question to be sure given the conferences difficulties with this year's slate but Chip reminds us that starting in 2014, strength of schedule might actually be important again. With the NEXT GENERATION PLAYOFF FORMAT (name pending), a selection committee may not be wowed that your team beat Idaho State, a lousy C-USA team, a defensively challenged Sun Belt squad and lost to a Pac-12 squad.

His suggestions include forbidding FCS and lower opponents (I like this but due to the financial assistance it provides to lower programs it may not pass muster), limiting MAC opponents (I'd like Nebraska to schedule the Fightin' Frankies at some point), and setting up an inter-conference challenge with the ACC (it didn't work for the Pac-12, why would it work for the ACC? They just added Notre Dame to their schedules).

Can you think of any others?

Remember, Wisconsin isn't panicking yet. This is all pre-emptive. Just like our resident "realists", Wisconsin fans are just addressing the possibility that the coach who has taken them to two consecutive Rose Bowls MIGHT not be good enough for them anymore. You can expect to see some more of that sentiment out of Nebraska fans this Saturday if Nebraska loses, particularly if we lose badly.

Rosin does point out that Wisconsin was FAR from favored in Saturday's game. But considering they had the game basically in hand and then lost, well, they're not panicking but it wasn't nice to see that. He also makes the point that Bielema isn't a spirit healer and can't keep players' bones, muscles and souls in one piece with a flick of the wrist. Clearly a fireable offense.

After that, Rosin just gets into crazy talk, reminding Badger fans that its a battle between Purdue and Wisconsin for the East and then blaming the internet for the Badger's troubles so far. Not Matt Canada as you might expect.
I admire Wisconsin for finding the true culprit in Wisconsin's troubles. Unplug, Badger fans. Save your team.

Yes, that 2007. Appalachian State for Michigan and Bill Callahan for Nebraska. Really, a bad year all around. To be brief, because memories of 2007 are like picking at an infected scab with a rusty spoon or asking a bear to gnaw on your face, despite their early troubles, a similarly 2-2 Michigan would rebound to a 9-4 season and a Capital One victory over Florida. So, no reason for panic in Ann Arbor yet.

It's a very interesting look into how injuries involving black-outs are treated. The biggest question I think it raised is whether the staff treated the incident properly. Can we make that call?

And which is the bigger question of judgement: Gholston's return to play almost immediately after being knocked to the ground or Montee Ball's return to the field so soon after his second concussion in a month?