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Nebraska vs. Penn State: Volleyball

Nebraska defeated Penn St. in a dramatic 5 set match.

The top ranked volleyball team in the country came into Lincoln, Nebraska Sunday afternoon and what took place will be talked about for years to come. Penn St. jumped all over a Nebraska team that couldn't get out of it's own way after coming off a disappointing outing vs. Ohio St. on Friday. Penn St. won the first game in dominating fashion, 25-12. It looked to be more of the same in game 2 as the Nittany Lions jumped out again to a 18-10 advangage, but the Huskers rallied and battled back to go on a 10-2 run before eventually battling to win the set 32-30. That game will be go down in Husker folk-lore as one of the most exciting rallies in school history.

The two teams traded hard fought games after that before Nebraska dominated the fifth set, winning the match and sending the Coliseum into pandemonium, knocking the Big Ten leading and #1 team in the country. Corn Nation was there and brings you pictures of what unfolded. It was one to remember, without a doubt.