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Cobs of the Week: Oklahoma, Southern Cal, Kansas, B1G East, CoLOLrado, Florida, B1G Refs, Cincinnati, Honey Badger, & Idaho

This week, it's a long, long list of suckage...

Jonathan Ferrey

This week, our list of suckage candidates is long. So who gets the vote for the Worst of the Week in College Football?

  • Oklahoma: wet fart in the biggest game that should have gotten you relevant again.
  • Southern Cal: looking ahead? Whoops.
  • Kansas: when Texas wanted to give you the game, you said "LOL NO"
  • B1G East division, Penn St trucked, Purdue trucked, Wisky loses both the game and Stave. Now we're talking about Indiana getting a bid to Indianapolis?!?!?!
  • CoLOLOLOLOLorado.
  • Florida: controled their own destiny, now have to cheer for a Lattimore-less SoCarolina team.
  • B1G Referees channeling their inner Greg Burks on Saturday in Lincoln. Did Dan Beebe send these guys some of his Big XII buyout money?
  • Cincinnati's Butch Jones for calling a timeout to try to ice Louisville's John Walsh. Problem with that is that a fraction of a second later, the snap goes way over holder Will Stein's head and sails at least 20 yards downfield. Could Cincinnati have recovered the fumble and returned it for the win? We'll never know. What we do know is that, given a second chance, Walsh nailed the game winning field goal for Louisville.
  • Tyrann Mathieu and Jordan Jefferson for getting arrested for possession of marijuana.
  • Idaho: Robb Akey is fired; tight end Taylor Elmo rips athletic director Rob Spear on Twitter and gets suspended. Meanwhile, quarterback Domanique Blackman was dismissed for failing a drug test. Makes you wonder what would have happened in 2003 if Benard Thomas had something like Twitter.