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Thursday Night Football: Is It Interesting?

It's your Thursday night open thread!

Tom Pennington

Tonight in college football, we got Clemson vs Wake Forest at 6:30 PM on ESPN.

That's it for college football, unless you're interested in Delaware State at Morgan State on ESPNU at 6:30 PM.

The Vikings play Tampa Bay tonight on NFL Network.

I can see I still don't have your interest. How 'bout this then?

This is what you sunsabitches get for not sending me ideas on videos for Thursday/Friday, and not commenting on the music videos I had posted.

Alternative topics for tonight's discussion:

- I had a nightmare last night where I kept trying to repair an iPhone, but it would not work. Interpret.

- The last time you got a huge package.

- Was Luke Skywalker the most interesting character in all the Star Wars movies or who was it?