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Detasseling The Huskers: Inaugural Episode With Special Guest Cobby

The first Greg and Brian podcast. We talked of the NW game, questions asked from you the listener, a thought about Michigan and Cobby joined us for his... "insight".


Good Tuesday afternoon to you fine folks. With the upcoming Saturday night clash between the Nebraska Cornhuskers against the Michigan Wolverines on ESPN (we hear at least, that's if the WWL can get the beginning of the game on, but I digress) CN would like to give you the reader/listener, something new to take in.

With everything going on, Greg Mehochko and Brian Towle launch their first "Detasseling the Huskers" podcast, where we will give you a chance to participate every week by asking the reader what they want discussed. While we plan on having a multitude of people on in the upcoming weeks, Greg and I felt the urge to go big this week. And for that, we got on Cobby. With how he wrote that great piece about NW using radio waves to learn Nebraska's plays, we thought we could get some great insight. However, little did we know what was gonna be said...

Anyhow, Greg and I took time to go over the Northwestern win, fit in a couple of questions about Huskers from some fans, and then talked about the upcoming Michigan game. You can listen right here or you can click "Subscribe" and subscribe to our podcast using your favorite podcast service: