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Tuesday Reads: Is Michigan Nervous?

This is the biggest week of the season so far. If you think Nebraska fans are nervous, what do you think Michigan fans are doing?

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Leon Halip

Anybody else still exhausted from that game Saturday night? Talk about an energy sucker.

It should be one helluva week. We all know that winning this upcoming game puts Nebraska in the driver's seat in the Western Division. Michigan knows that too. Do you think our fan base is the only one with nerves?

Hero police robot back on duty after 'unstable man' blasts it with shotgun • The Register

A heroic police robot has returned to duty with a Nebraska force after being put out of action by an "unstable man" who blasted it repeatedly with a 12-bore* shotgun at point blank range during a tense siege this summer.

Uh.... what?

NU soccer undergoes relief upon securing spot in Big Ten tournament - Daily Nebraskan: Sports: soccer, big ten, indiana, minnesota, conference

Following the conclusion of Sunday’s matches, the Huskers had guaranteed themselves a spot in the Big Ten tournament with a 4-6-0 conference record.

Taylor Martinez demands offensive recovery during Northwestern game - Daily Nebraskan: Football: football, huskers, martinez, northwestern, pelini

Nebraska quarterback Taylor Martinez looked into the eyes of his offensive teammates and commanded their attention. He commanded their respect.

Northwestern Wildcats 28, Nebraska Cornhuskers 29: Postgame Thread - Sippin' On Purple

However, Nebraskans manipulated our season ticket packages to claim those seats before the single game even went on sale (and a big shame on Jim Phillips for not enacting much more stringent controls on access to additional game tickets for season ticket holders).

Not everyone was happy about Nebraska taking over Northwestern's Ryan Field. It'll be interesting to see how the Wildcat athletic department responds in the coming years. It's not like they've been an incredibly supportive fan base, and honestly, I can see Nebraska taking over that stadium for the years ahead.

Northwestern Brings Out the Nebraska Alternate Reality - Off Tackle Empire

I was in my car listening to Northwestern and Nebraska trying to do everything I could not to drive my car off the side of the road.

Let this be a lesson to y'all. Don't be driving in your car during a Nebraska game, especially this upcoming weekend.

Husker N Side, Fans Get Black Rally Towels Saturday Night

More than 100 Husker student-athletes and volunteers will give Husker fans rally towels when they walk inside the stadium. It’s a personal "thank you" from the Athletic Department for helping Nebraska become the first NCAA school to celebrate 50 Years of Consecutive Sellouts. About 9,000 black rally towels were distributed to UNL student season ticket holders for the Wisconsin game earlier this month, and they were such a hit that Nebraska season ticket holders get the same opportunity.

At first I thought this might be a little cheesey, but my second thought is that this is pretty cool. Hell, when I was a student I didn't own much Nebraska stuff because I couldn't afford it. And who wouldn't want a memento for a game, especially the Wisconsin and Michigan games.

Now, I want one. I won't make this week's Michigan game, but it'd be a pretty cool keepsake.

Ameer Abdullah set to take over as Nebraska’s featured running back | Michigan Wolverines | Detroit Free Press |

With Rex Burkhead’s status in doubt, Ameer Abdullah says he is prepared to take over again as Nebraska’s featured back in what could be the Cornhuskers’ most important game of the regular season.

I'm okay with this. I'd rather we had a 100% Burkhead, especially in this upcoming game, but Abdullah has proven himself worthy. I wouldn't be against seeing more Braylon Heard either.

Monday Presser Transcript 10-22-12: Brady Hoke | mgoblog

You’ve given up only 21 points in three B1G games. How will Nebraska test your defense in ways it hasn’t been tested so far? "Two ways. I think their front, number one, because I think they’re physical and big, and they have the ability to combination block and move people off the ball. I think the dual threat with Martinez running some of the spread stuff, some of the same stuff that we run, but I think that is part of it. And the play-action game for them has been pretty good."

No. 20 Michigan leaning on its improving defense - Yahoo! Sports
Michigan had one of the nation's worst defenses just two years ago. Now - at least statistically - the unit is among the best in college football. The 20th-ranked Wolverines rank fourth against the pass in the country, 10th in total defense and 16th in points allowed.

Michigan football notes: Win vs. Nebraska critical for Big Ten hopes; Raymon Taylor fine | Michigan Wolverines | Detroit Free Press |

At 3-0 in the Legends Division, the Wolverines’ Saturday night game at Nebraska takes on great significance. A win could give U-M a two-game lead over the Cornhuskers — thought to be its most serious threat — with four Big Ten games remaining.

Something to consider - Nebraska fans are understandably antsy about this upcoming game, right? Now.... put yourselves in a Michigan fan's shoes and what are you thinking? The same thing. It's not as if Denard Robinson has played well on the road at all times, and he has a tendency to be as much or more of a turnover machine as Taylor Martinez.

If you're a Michigan man, are you so confident about this upcoming weekend that you're woofing at opposing fans? I don't think so.

National Stuff

Hey! Look, a header!

Braxton Miller injury: Ohio State QB leaves hospital after concussion tests -

Ohio State star Braxton Miller went down after hitting the ground hard against Purdue.

Another pounding. Will Miller make it through the season? I guess it doesn't really matter much to Nebraskans now since we won't see him unless it's in a B1G Championship game some time in the future.

Welcome to The Champaign Room - The Champaign Room

It was August of 2001 when I first set foot in Champaign-Urbana. The next few years I spent living there would be some of the most memorable and important years of my life. I lived through 9/11...

SB Nation launches a new Illinois site. This doesn't mean a whole lot to us right now.... but... hey, give 'em a look!

Gators not wasting any time contending for title

— If Florida wins its game Saturday against Georgia, it would represent the earliest an SEC team has clinched a berth in the conference football championship game.

And it has to be Florida. Gag.

Kent State will break 40-year bowl drought after getting sixth win of the season | Dr. Saturday - Yahoo! Sports

Kent State has been to two bowl games. In 1954, it went to something called the Refrigerator Bowl (according to the Golden Flashes' media guide it was the "Evansville, Indiana, Jaycees/Junior Chamber of Commerce Refrigerator Bowl" but before you laugh...."

This how the other side lives... not very well.

Mack Brown: Longhorn Network gives foes advantage on 'overexposed' UT | Texas Longhorns News - Sports News for Dallas, Texas - SportsDayDFW

Texas coach Mack Brown once welcomed the Longhorn Network. Now he sounds as though it's become a headache and a window for opposing coaches to get an unfair peek into his program.

This is what happens when things come apart. Blame anything and everything but yourself. What a bunch of tools, the lot of them.