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Cobs of the Week: Iowa, West Virginia, Nebraska Unspecial Teams, Northwestern Fans, Purdue, Big XII Defenses, and ESPN/ABC

Here are our candidates for the Worst of the Weekend in College Football.

Assume The Position!
Assume The Position!
Matthew Holst

Oh, yes...a whole bunch of suckage this week...and the only question is who gets the Cob for being the Suckiest of them all this weekend.


After Mark Weisman became the latest AIRBHG, Iowa finally ran out of prospects and suspects. Greg Garmon wasn't up to the task, and that meant that NFL prospect (snort!) James Vandenberg was left to carry the entire Hawkeye offense. Yeah, that went about as well as you might think.

West Virginia

Two weeks ago, West Virginia looked like they were headed to the BCS. Yeah, their defense couldn't stop anybody, but nobody could stop Geno Smith. Except Texas Tech and Kansas State. And the defense still looks Cosgrovian.

Big XII Defenses

Besides West Virginia, we had Texas 56, Baylor 50 and Texas Tech 56, TCU 53. Oh, and Charlie Weis gave up 52 to the Sooners.

Nebraska Unspecial Teams

Take one stupid, unnecessary personal foul penalty on Daimion Stafford that wiped out a great Brett Maher punt that was fumbled away. Add in two fumbled fair catches of their own...and you've got the makings of a nailbiter in Evanston. Saturday's game shouldn't have been anywhere near this close.

Northwestern Fans

Thanks for selling us all of your tickets. "HUS - KER HOME GAME! clap*clap*clapClapClap" We'll see you at Wrigley in 2014.


You knock Braxton Miller out of the game and into the hospital, and you still can't hold an eight point lead in the final minute?


I get why you had to stay with the Ohio State/Purdue, though it would have been nice to switch the Nebraska ABC stations to our game for the kickoff. But when the game was finally over, why did we have to sit through closing comments, an interview with Urbz, and more commercials. Got us to Evanston just in time to see Rex Burkhead laying on the ground, which gave you more time for, yes, MORE COMMERCIALS!!!