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Some Ohio School Week - October 2nd, 2012

In today's Reads, Nebraska looks ahead to Ohio State, Ohio State celebrates their victory with a t-shirt and the helmet rule is being abused, to the surprise of no one at all.

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Today we close the book on Wisconsin and look ahead to Nebraska's trip to Columbus, Ohio to take on some Ohio state school that also plays football in the Big Ten Conference, coached by ESPN's sweetheart formerly of the SEC, Urban Meyer. The Buckeyes are currently 5-0 following a victory over Michigan State in what can best be described as a vintage Big Ten bout.

Both teams enter the game with positive momentum. Nebraska will have to overcome a history of trouble with big games, mobile QBs and large stadiums if they want to take a W back to Lincoln for the bye week. Oh, and Bo Pelini will be facing his alma mater which may add to the distractions. As for Ohio State, despite being banned from postseason play, they will be playing against the pressure of an undefeated season and significant national attention.

Well, at least they're all on the same page.

These storylines will collide under the lights at 7pm CDT on ABC this Saturday. As always, join us here at CN for a gamethread.


Due to the launch of SB Nation United a week ago (hard to believe!), we missed reporting on the Pick'Em Contest. Jon wrote up the recap for the last two weeks yesterday. A reminder to our weekly winners to act in a timely manner to receive their prizes.

In week four, C_hawkfan took the crown, picking the winner of 17 out of 20 games and scoring enough confidence points to take the top slot. Week five saw Davidhusker as the weekly winner, correctly predicting 15 of the 16 games.

For the overall after week five, we see Mr. X take the lead. Previously (in week three), we saw Johnny922 in that spot.

Congratulations to all and good luck with your picks this week.

HINT: Pick K-State.


The Check Down Pass:

Was really only a matter of time. The spirit of the rule is great. But a 15 yard penalty is better than allowing a TD. It's the same as intentional pass interference.

Here's what I think we know about this team.

  • These players will do anything for Bo Pelini and his staff, to the point of trying too hard
  • Pelini can coach...and so can his staff.
  • There are expectations of championships around Nebraska again. Who would've seen that happening in 2007?
  • We have seen a nationally relevant team on the field this season - just not in all phases at the same time.

If Pelini can wrangle these players into executing together, Nebraska will go far.

I'm kind of glad Pelini isn't burning himself out for Nebraska football. I'd like for Nebraska to be his last stop.

The question is, which team is the unstoppable force and which is the immoveable object?

Yesterday on CN:

Dennis Hubbard once again provides excellent photos from Saturday night's games. The uniforms look slick in still photography. But let's keep in mind, football isn't static.

Jon solicited our advice on this week's ballot.

Northwestern scares me the most.

At last check, y'all went with Sparty fans and their mocking an injured Braxton Miller. There was also a strong push to give one to Urban Meyer.

Congratulations to Brett Maher (Special Teams) and Taylor Martinez (Co-offense).

Football (4-1, 1-0 B1G)

Nebraska’s Ameer Abdullah had ten carries for 70 yards, three catches for 22 yards, three punt returns for 18 yards and five kick off returns for 142 yards in a 30-27 win over Wisconsin on Sept. 29. He finished with 252 all-purpose yards.

Congrats, Ameer!

Have to credit Dobson with getting our players ready to grind.


Several players suggested that their visits will make them seriously reconsider Nebraska. Apparently the football staff knows what they're talking about - get the kids to Nebraska and they might not want to leave. (I mean, iPads in the locker room. COME ON.)

Monday Press Conference

–Wisconsin’s pre-snap motion looked to confuse Nebraska early in last Saturday’s game but linebacker Will Compton said that the alternate jerseys, which featured a big ‘W’ on the chest and only a small uniform number on the upper right, also added to the confusion.

"There were a few occasions where the personnel groupings were off from up in the press box," Compton said. "They were having trouble seeing it on the guys running off the field (towards the press box). We’d get a call and get in a certain personnel and I’d sit there and realize that they’re in a different personnel and we’ve got to get in a different defense."

That explains the hopping around at the line.

Pelini said NU was too "keyed up" to start Saturday’s game over Wisconsin and "got outside themselves a little bit."

"They didn’t have their emotions under control, I dunno," Pelini said. "They’re 18-to-22-year-old kids. We didn’t play well in the first half."

Said offensive tackle Jeremiah Sirles: "We’ve got to find ways to manage the excitement but stay extremely focused."

Saturday is looking scary now.

(Re: Braxton Miller)

"Believe me, he’s going to make his share of plays," Pelini said of Miller. "We’re not going to shut down a player like that from the quarterback position. They use him in so many different ways. It all runs through the quarterback, but they have some other good players. They have good backs. They’re physical and well-coached up front and they have some wide receivers that can hurt you down the field."


"I appreciate people's concern for that," Papuchis said. "But the reality is, I’m not that excited seeing Ciante Evans take on the fullback in the A gap, either. We play our base versus base personnel, we play dime versus dime personnel and nickel versus nickel personnel. With our three linebackers, that’s their style of game and they work hard."

I'm developing one heck of a man-crush on Pa-Poopy-Chis.

Beck, who’s from Youngstown, Ohio, said he expects to see "quite a few" family and friends at the game in Columbus Saturday. He’s not making a big deal out of it, though. Said Beck: "We’ve still got a job to do."

Can we have ONE game that isn't surrounded with distractions?

Seriously, what's he supposed to say?


Wisconsin Football (3-2, 0-1 B1G)

Appropriate that it was Nebraska's second largest comeback under Pelini. (And program history, right?)

To address inconsistencies with their kicking game, the Badgers will be adopting a dual-kicker approach, similar to when Nebraska had Kunalic and Henery splitting duties.

Interesting - sounds like Danny O'Brien audibled without letting Ball know.

Urbzville State (5-0, 1-0 B1G)

Um...isn't this like celebrating a division championship with a trophy ceremony? (Hi Bill and Steve!)

Sounds like Urban sees this team as a work in progress. They could pull out some new wrinkles that could give Nebraska fits.

Watch Urbzville State's victory over Mitten State in six easy GIFs! (DO NOT LOAD ON MOBILE.)

It'll be interesting to see which Nebraska shows up.

Urban Meyer forms really good relationships with his QBs.

Might keep the Buckeyes from trying some two-back sets.

Until he is confirmed out, I would expect him to play.

Big Ten (39-18)

Um. Yeah. Eye-gouging is worse than editing game tape.

1. Determine Policy Of No FCS Opponents For Big Ten Teams: Yes, I realize Ohio State is scheduled to play Florida A&M in 2013. Yes, I know Michigan fans are looking forward to a repeat Appalachian State visit in 2014.

This would be a good start.

I don't like the Big Ten - ACC challenge thing because, well, how do you schedule that? That's what killed the short-lived Pac-12 thing.

Other than Nebraska and Ohio State, Michigan-Purdue and NU-Penn State will also be very telling games.

Nebraska's defense will need to hone their ball-hawking skills to take down Dennard and the Wolverines.

Big Ten weekend rewind: Week 5 - Big Ten Blog - ESPN

Best call: New Iowa offensive coordinator Greg Davis has heard his share of criticism this early season with the Hawkeyes' struggles. But Davis pulled out a brilliant call in the first half of Iowa's 31-13 beatdown of Minnesota. With the Gophers stacked at the line of scrimmage to try to stop the tank that is Mark Weisman, Davis dialed up a flea flicker. Weisman faked a run, tossed the ball back to James Vandenberg, and Vandenberg hit a wide-open Jordan Cotton for a 47-yard touchdown that made the score 17-0.

"We've been practicing that since the spring," head coach Kirk Ferentz said. "Just part of the offensive package that Greg's installed. It's all about the timing. Like every play, it's all about execution. Our guys really did a nice job on it."

A wrinkle to watch out for this fall.

Power Rankings

The West remains the toughest division in the Big Ten, despite Ohio State's win.

This team is tantalizing close to taking that top slot.

Finally, someone recognizes that Northwestern has looked impressive, more so than Nebraska. (And I'd say more impressive than Ohio State.

Other Stories

Seriously, everything is broken. THEY DON'T PLAY DEFENSE. (Oh, and Nebraska chimes in as the highest ranked Big Ten team at #21.)

Well, one of them is going to have to play Alabama, because no way they let Alabama play LSU in the BCS game again. An Alabama-Florida game would be fun for the BCS game. All the conflicting colors.

It's probably a good idea that Nebraska isn't powered by Runza.

Get well soon, Mr. White.

[Please, Jerry Jones. Hire Nick Saban to coach the Cowboys. Offer naming rights and let him coach the local high school team (you own one of those too, right?).]

How did we lose to these guys?

Well, that's just friendly. (Ignore his colorful language at the Bears later on in the game.)


To officially close out the Reads' Wisconsin coverage, a highlights video:


That's all for today. Have a great Tuesday! Check back throughout the day for more Corn Nation original content.

GO BIG RED! Beat the Buckeyes!

- Salt Creek and Stadium

PS - For those who played yesterday's "Find the Typo" game, take a look at the schedule and look at who Southern Mississippi played. But thanks for finding all of the other typos. Keep up the good work, everyone!

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