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Friday Night Football! - Open Thread

Tonight - the smooth taste of cigarettes, lightning strikes, and your favorite place to live.

Connecticut vs Syracuse at 7:00 pm on ESPN.

That isn't much to work with, so looking at other options. Early on I be watchin' me some Minnesota Gopher Hockey. They're playing Michigan Tech, which if I remember right, is on the most Northern point in the United States. In 2012, these teams are in the same conference, but this will be the last game in a series (sometimes interrupted) since 1922, as Minnesota leaves the WCHA for the beginning of Big Ten Hockey.

I didn't think much about Nebraska getting a hockey team, but after reading our article and seeing the responses, I've changed my tune. College hockey is a great sport.

There might be some MLB playoff material going on tonight, but I know nothing about that other than it's professional baseball and I'm not into that at all.

And since y'all didn't seem to care for the music videos, here's your alternative for the evening. Cigarettes, they go with jello.

Tonight's alternative topics include:

- The smooth taste of cigarettes?

- Lightning strikes

- Your favorite place to live