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Thursday Night Football! - THE OPEN THREAD

It's Thursday night football, this time involving a top team!!!!

Two college football games on tonight's night of ACTION!

Houston vs SMU hits at 7:00 PM on FSN Affiliates and an hour later Oregon vs Arizona State comes up on ESPN!

If you're interested in all the information on the Oregon-ASU game, look no further than right here where it's all been collected because of the wonders of our new SB Nation United platform. Now, if only Nebraska could play in a Top 25 game again. SADNESS

I know not of other sports, but I'm sure there are interesting things going on some where. This is an OPEN thread, so you're free to talk about anything you like. Or things you don't like, or aren't sure of with the exception of the upcoming election.

Tonight's alternate topics:

- At what point in your life did you realize you were aging and what happened to make you realize it?

- Are you now happy with the new Corn Nation SB Nation United Interface?

- Mumford & Sons or SKRILLEX?