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Live Chat 10-15-12: Time for the Home Stretch

The second half of the season starts this week. Talk about it right now.

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Time for the home stretch folks. Here is your weekly Corn Nation chat for October 15th.

I "think" I have figured out why you guys couldn't participate too well last week. However, I'm not 100% sure about putting the chat in the storyline, only cause it's not coming out the same as when the CiL people are telling me. So, see that red "Click Here" piece? Click there and it'll take you to the chat. I know, driving you nuts but hey, I'd rather have a chat than none.

Anyways, there's a PLETHORA of things to talk about. The upcoming game at Ryan Field against the Northwestern Wildcats. The hiring of Eichorst. The quotes of Bo and Taylor today that make you wanna bash your head in the wall. What to fix on the defense, what's fine on the offense (or vice versa, although that wouldn't make sense to me). Can Nebraska really run the table and make it to Indy? Don't forget, Tim Miles and Nebrasketball has started, and there's also Connie Yori's group on the same court. Volleyball too.. an absurd amount to talk about.

The chat will start at 8 tonight, and go for a hour or so. GBR....

Click Here to come participate in the chat.

Also, don't forget about our podcast this week as well as selections, the Northwest Q and A, and other great insight you always get from us here at Corn Nation.