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Cobs of the Week: Purdue, Texas, West Virginia, Duke, and Notre Dame Officials

What's the Worst of the week in College Football?

Tim Heitman-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

It was a bye-week, so Husker fans took it easy with a whole lot of channel surfing. That meant a second chance to catch Fox's trainwreck of a pre-game show. Yeah, they still can't synchronize the commentary with the highlights, but it's hard to turn away from Erin Andrews' "Naughty Librarian" look.


Unless of course, it's time to check back on Texas. Oops, Oklahoma just scored again. Ever since the Longhorns got that :01 back on the clock, the Longhorns have gone 17-15.

Kirk Bohls of the Austin American-Statesman sums it up this way:

For now, Texas is nothing more than Nebraska in better uniforms. Neither great program seems nationally relevant at the moment.

Second sentence is dead correct. But, Kirk... unless you were referring to the Wisconsin game pajamas, dead wrong with the first sentence. If you've bothered to pay attention, at least Nebraska has an offense.


Fans don't show up, defense doesn't show up, offense doesn't show up. Pretty much means that Wisconsin can go ahead and start making reservations for Indianapolis.

West Virginia

OK, I might buy the jetlag theory if the Mountaineers had at least a semblance of a pulse... but losing 49-14?


Up 20-0 and get ran out of the back of Lane Stadium?

Replay Official at the Notre Dame/Stanford Game

Let's not pick on the "unnecessary roughness" call against Usua Amanam. Bad calls happen...just like mistakenly calling Stepfan Taylor down just shy of the goal line. That's why we now have instant replay. At first view from the press box, it did look like Taylor was down. But when you go to the replays on the other side of the field, you clearly see Taylor never hit the ground...and from the end zone, he's in the end zone with the game tying touchdown.

But for some reason, the replay official let the play stand. That simply can't happen when you have the benefit of instant replay.

So what's your pick for the worst of the weekend in college football?