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The Predictions Thread - Bye Week Musings

Just cause Nebraska isn't playing doesn't mean the predictions stop.

Ronald Martinez - Getty Images

Husker Mike: Can I even get a prediction wrong against Bye?

Billgrip: There’s a first time for everything I guess. By the way there is absolutely no chance the Huskers win this week. What you gonna say about that, #teamsunshine?

Cornhead: I don’t think I picked one winner last week. Par for the course. Here’s some advice: go the opposite of what I pick and reap the rewards.

Aaron: Well, it’s still fun to try to guess the games. Great group this weekend including the East Division championship game.

Jon: Probably a good thing that Salt stopped doing that spreadsheet. It’ll be kind of fun this weekend watching other people’s pain on their game threads. I think I’ll make that part of my viewing enjoyment - tweeting and posting on our game threads the horror that others are experiencing. Remind me to do that....

Mister Mike: I want to see the spreadsheet still so I can see how much you guys all suck compared to me.

Brian: OF COURSE the week I go 4-1, everyone doesn’t care about the spreadsheet. OF COURSE. I SEE HOW YOU PEOPLE ARE HARRUMPH!!!

Andy: Getting a groove now. One pick a week I’m proud of? 2-3 others that embarrass the hell out of me.

David McGee: I’m kinda looking forward to a bye week. Just hoping to sit back and take it all in for a change. Might need another week to get my head around what happened in Columbus.

Wisconsin (+2.5) at Purdue

Cornhead: This is the East Division Championship, is it not? Ho-hum. Wisconsin does just enough. Take the points and plug your nose. Cheese 34, Boils 27

Aaron: Purdue let last weeks game get away from them early and had to work from behind. Wisconsin should be a better match up for them. I think this will be a good quality game with Purdue bouncing back after last week. Boilers 31, Badgers 28

Husker Mike: I didn’t see last week’s Boilermaker performance coming, but I’ll double down on Purdue. Wisconsin has been consistently mediocre this year... Choo Choo 34, Bucky 24 Jon: There’s a reason why people call them Purdon’t. It’s because they don’t win big games, and this is a big game because the winner of this game wins the eastern half of a bipolar conference. Robert Marve is better than Caleb Terbush, and Marve is the one with the torn ACL, go figure. Whatever guy plays for Wisconsin, Uncle Rico or whomever, will only need to complete a few passes to set up Montee Ball for the big runs. Wisconsin 24, Purdue 21

Mister Mike: Purdue still has a football team? That’s fantastic! The Makers have been one of the (minor) surprises in college football this year, but after last week’s ass whuppin against Meeechigan, it doesn’t look like things have changed all that much. Wisconsin isn’t Michigan and Purdue isn’t a good football team. Well, neither is Wisconsin. This one’s going to have about as much excitement as watching my dog chew on the back of his ass for half an hour. Wiscy 27 Purdue 20.

Brian: I don’t really get Purdue either. On Michigan’s opening drive, it was a 17 play, 9+ minute affair that took the air out of Ross Ade Stadium so quickly, the Boilermakers couldn’t get anything going after that. Wisconsin isn’t great, but no one knows who is going to play QB for them. I don’t think it will matter though, because the Boilermakers can’t stop the run and that’s all Wisconsin can do right now. Badgers in this one.

DM: So, Purdue didn’t pass the test last week. If they want to challenge Wisconsin, well, yeah, this seems like a good week to do it. This is the second game in a row for the Boilers in West Laffayette to make a statement. This is a talented team and I see them rising up to the challenge vs. a Wisconsin team that is not as talented as Michigan. Purdue: 31 Wisconsin: 21

Andy: I agree with the sentiment that Purdue may fail to win this simply because of the logo on the helmets. They simply don’t expect win certain games anymore. Also, 2 or 3 of their QB’s will get hurt and recover in the time it takes for me to type this paragraph. Wisconsin 27 Boils 17

Oklahoma (-3) vs. Texas at the Texas State Fair

Cornhead: We used to be quasi-interested in this game. I don’t know what to make of the Sooners. They certainly aren’t a dominant team, but given the choice between them and the Longhorns, give me our old, dear rival. Sooners 31, Longhorns 24

Aaron: Texas looked bad last week against West Virginia, but the Mountaineers have done that to a lot of teams this year. Look for the Longhorns to match up better against OU than WV. Hook ‘em. Texas 31, OU 17

Husker Mike: I never understood why Texas was ranked so high to begin with. So color me surprised they hung with West Virginia like they did last week. Sooners have issues this season, so I’m taking Bevo in a WAC game. Cows 41, Soondoggies 37

Jon: It’s been too long since I’ve been to Dallas. I miss the naturally friendly nature of Texans and being shot at on Central Expressway. I haz digress. So has Landry Jones. David Ash, however, has not. Texas 38, Oklahoma 28

Mister Mike: UTerus still hasn’t quite figured out how to put things together on defense yet and last week was the best the Sooners offense has looked all year. The one Golden Boy, Manny Diaz’s seat must be getting a little warm. If you think folks are being a bunch of meanies to Bo here, you should hear the fans in Austin. I curled up in a ball and started pulling at my ear after hearing and reading some of what they’re saying, and he’s not even through his second year yet. Bevo’s allowed 200 yard rushers two weeks in a row now. While there won’t be a 200 yard back for the Sooners, they will get one over 100 and Landry Jones, Kenny Stills and Co, make things rough on a Texas secondary that isn’t as good as people thought they would be. This week’s interesting stat: If the Horns give up 30+ points this game, this will be the first time EVER that they’ve done so and they started football in 1893. Well, our beloved Horns break that record. This could be WVA part two. Sooners 49 Texas 38.

Brian: Ahhh... yes, the Texas State Fair, where you drive down to Fair Park in Dallas, eat fried...... everything, and take in the atmosphere of the big game. I don’t know if Texas’ offensive explosion last week was a result of David Ash playing well or West Virginia’s D being hot garbage, but I’m leaning towards the latter. Mister Mike is right, if you think the press is harsh to Bo, you have never heard how brutal they are to Manny Diaz this week. And it’s coming from all the markets in DFW, Houston, San Antonio, not just Austin. Bob Stoops has made this game a focal point and owned the Horns in the shadow of Big Tex, and with how OU is clicking on offense, I can’t see this changing. Gimme the Sooners again this year.

Andy: Andy: Why does this game not feel so big even though they only have one loss each? Oh well, it still feels big in Dallas where it’s guaranteed that many will wake Sunday morning in a puddle of their own piss and many more will roll over to look directly in the face of horror and regret. Some will do both. The game? Texas continues down a path of 5-star recruit mediocrity. Sooners 33 Horns 13

DM: Boomer Sooner, Boomer Sooner, Boomer Sooner, Boomer Sooner, Boomer Sooner, Boomer Sooner, Boomer Sooner, Boomer Sooner, Boomer Sooner, Boomer Sooner, Boomer Sooner, Boomer Sooner, Boomer Sooner. Yep, just as annoying as it is in person when that band gets that loop going. Still less annoying than Bevo. I think we see the return of the Red River Shootout classics. Texas misses a field goal at the horn. OU: 24 UT: 23

TCU (+8) at Baylor

Cornhead: Now here’s a storied Southwestern, err, Big XII rivalry. I don’t care if the Frogs don’t have their QB, Patterson gets them back on track. Frogs 24, Bears 23

Aaron: The new Big XII Holy War. Baylor 35, TCU 21

Husker Mike: If TCU can’t beat Iowa State with their backup quarterback, they sure ain’t beating an Art Briles’ team. Baylor 38, TCU 20

Jon: Mike has it. Baylor is going to kill these guys. TCU appears to be lost. Baylor 38, TCU 20

Mister Mike: TCU without Pachall is like a White Russian without Smirnoff. Nick Florence is completing almost 64% of his passes for 1585 yards and a 16/5 TD to INT ratio. Those numbers mean bad things for a TCU team that couldn’t find a way to score enough points to win AT HOME against Cyclone last week. Baylor rolls them like a cheap cigar. Bears 42, Froggies 28.

Brian: The Pachall suspension has taken a good team and mangled them hardcore. TCU may now be at best a 8 win team this year. Baylor can score a lot too, so in Waco, can’t go against the Bears.

Andy: Andy: Is anyone else picturing James Caan rubbing his forehead about now? Is the backup QB some surfer-looking asshole who got Patterson’s daughter kicked out of school for taking his test? Is their defensive end coming down off HGH? And is their MLB wearing a triple titanium knee brace because he’s terrified of pulling an Alvin Mack? Joe Kane Pachall may come busting out of rehab to send TCU to the 7-4 Bowl, but that’s a long way off. Baylor 41 TCU 24

DM: Has anyone slowed down Baylor in the last two seasons? I don’t like TCU to do it. Baylor: 52 TCU: 24

Stanford (+8.5) at Notre Dame

Cornhead: I think Te’o had the Cornhuskers in his final list of schools. Ohhh, boy, wouldn’t that have been nice? That’s a stud linebacker. I’m a believer in the Irish; Kelly is a really good coach. Irish 28, Trees 18

Aaron: Yea, I think I’m about to get on the ND boat. They should be able to beat Stanford, but I want to see a dominant performance by the Irish to validate a top four spot.

Husker Mike: I’m still not sold on Notre Dame at this point. Tree 45, Amish 31

Jon: It’s a Notre Dame and I’m not sold on Stanford. I certainly wouldn’t cry a whole lot if the Irish lost, but it looks like they’ve got a good thing going. Notre Dame’s defense has done a great job so far this season - they are the only team in the country to not trail in a game this season. Still, those defensive backs against 11 tight ends. I’m really tempted to take Stanford. Hell, since we’re not keeping track, why not? Stanford 28, Notre Dame 24

Mister Mike: I think Notre Dame may finally be for real. Like for real for real. Their defense is about as good as its been in 10+ years and they haven’t made many stupid-ass mistakes, like pretty much every single Notre Dame squad going back before Front Butt took over in 2005. Nunes for Stanford has been up and down this year (WTF happened in Washington, Josh?) and here he is in another big game, in an environment that is about as friendly as gas powered chain saws are to trees (HAH!). This is a huge game for the Catholics and I think that if they win, you’ll be hearing all about ND and playing for the National Championship. Lou Holtz will suffer a heart attack and die on air because one of his ND predictions became true. Kelly and Co cut down the trees. ND 24 Trees 21.

Brian: Completely sold on Notre Dame and not completely sold on Stanford’s offense. That ND defense is no joke, look what they did to Michigan a couple weeks ago. Domers win this one.

Andy: I should just put the hex on the Irish by picking them here, but I can’t do it. Some are starting to say things like, "Hey, a resurgent Irish squad that becomes a top tier team would make them relevant and fun to hate again. This is a good thing!" No, it’s not. 5-7 annually with embarrassing losses to Navy is fine by me. Trees 19 Irish 10

DM: You’re about to say something that I never thought I’d type. I kinda like to watch this Notre Dame team. Stanford is still pretty good but without Luck, they’re not what they were and with this game being staged in South Bend, I like the Irish. ND: 24 Stanford 10

South Carolina (+3) at LSU

Cornhead: Finally an SEC game! Now we know we’re gettin’ serious, they invented and perfected the damn sport. We should just be picking SEC games the rest of the year. Gamecocks are the better team, no way I’m picking them, though (but I’m smart enough to take the points). Death Valley 21, Cocks 20

Aaron: I still don’t believe in LSU. South Carolina 24, LSU 14

Husker Mike: Let the Les Miles’ death watch begin. Marcus Lattimore will be tearing up the turf so at least Miles gets an all-you-can eat buffet. Cocks 28, Tigers 17 Jon: I like what Steve Spurrier has going, but a night game at Death Valley, oooeeee, always wanted to see one of those. LSU looks like they’re kind of a mess, and South Carolina hasn’t won at LSU since 1994. Still, this is SC’s best team, probably ever. Cocks 28, Tigers 21

Mister Mike: After watching the Tigers generate absolutely no offense at the Swamp last week, it makes it hard to pick them. However, I don’t think Georgia’s defense is as good as LSU’s is, and the Ol’ Ball Coach is like FSU in some ways. They always drop that one game that makes you scratch your head. This may be SC’s best team, but they’re not good enough to beat the Tigers at home. LSU 17 SC 10.

Brian: South Carolina’s next two weeks are absolutely brutal. They have the Tigers in the Saturday Night snakepit known as Tiger Stadium this week, then have next week in the Swamp for the SEC East title. If they can win both, they are going to be just as dangerous for the SEC and National title as Alabama. LSU, on the other hand, is a complete fraud on offense with Metterberger at quarterback. It’s not like that defense is a joke, but the offense cant’ pass, and with the destruction of their offensive line, can’t rush it either. The Gamecocks win, setting up another SEC monster game next week in Gainesville.

Andy: The Mad Hatter has been playing with all of you. It’s a black night in Death valley for the Fightin’ Chickens. And, yes, he still loves Mike like a son. A Tiger son. (But you’re still a freaking pervert, Mettenberg) LSU 24 Roosters 14

DM: LSU didn’t win last week, right? That makes this a must win for the Tigers. I think this will be a classic game, a classic SEC game, that is. The #3 (really?!)Gamecocks won’t be a pushover for certain, but I think they get as good an effort from LSU as we’ve seen since the Alabama game last year. I see them bringing an effort like we haven’t seen from them all year, and perhaps a little Miles Magic. LSU: 17 USC 16