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Friday Reads Asks: Whose Pain Would You Most Like To Watch?

Nebraska isn't playing this weekend, but that shouldn't keep you from enjoying other people's pain.

Nebraska's college football fans have the chance to watch a whole bunch of teams play this weekend without any stake in the games. You know what that means - the enjoyment of watching other people's pain. Oh, don't groan, for crying out loud. It's not as if you were wishing them evil, just disappointment, the same disappointment you felt last Saturday night.

Question is - if you had to pick one team you'd like to see lose, who is it?

There are plenty of options.

Notre Dame vs. Stanford, for example. Would it not suck to see the Irish be 'back" before we are?

Kansas State vs Iowa State - should be a Wildcat butt-kicking, but wouldn't you like to see Paul Rhoads hop around in joy after winning this one?

West Virginia at Texas Tech - Never cared for Tommy Tuberville, but it'd be funny as hell to see the Mountaineers lose in Lubbock.

South Carolina vs LSU. This one is odd for me. As much as I like to see other top teams lose, I like Steve Spurrier, always have. He was the anti-Osborne - abrasive, always spoke his mind. And wouldn't you like to see a different team on top in the SEC for once?

And then there's the Big Ten. You know the winner of Wisconsin - Purdue is going to win the eastern division. The better choice would be Purdue, since you don't want to have to play the same team twice.

Northwestern vs Minnesota - it'd be best if NU won, but hey, Minnesota could use some nice things happen to them. As far as irritating a fan base... there's no real pain for either one here is there?

Miles Meets with Media to Preview Season - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site

Nebraska Coach Tim Miles provided a frank assessment of the Huskers when he met with the media to preview the upcoming season on Thursday.

I can't remember a more talkative coach at Nebraska, nor one that was so... incredibly upbeat and charismatic. Take a few minutes and watch his first real media session in which he previews the 2012 season.

Big Ten Basketball Preview: Nebraska - Maize n Brew

The biggest thing that Nebraska can hope for is a similar situation -- a few decent wins, largely staying competitive throughout the year, and building a foundation for the future.

An Elegy For Beano: The Greatest Commissioner College Football Never Had - Black Shoe Diaries

Beano Cook was never a phony, and he never had an agenda, outside of this: He wanted what was best for the game.

Beano Cook was friend who made us laugh -- college football - ESPN

I had a short bucket list of plans for me and Beano. I did sit down with him in the summer of 2011 with a video crew and interviewed him about his life in college football. I wanted to go to a college football game with him. He refused to fly, of course. My editors and I tried to figure out a way around that, but never did. I wanted to go to Pittsburgh and go to dinner with him, but I put that off, too. There always would be time for that. Well, no.

As much as I ragged on Beano Cook when I was younger, he was a joy to listen to with Ivan Maisel on those podcasts during the offseason. It was like Cook knew every game ever played. One can only imagine how much knowledge he took with him. He'll be sorely missed.

Michigan will wear pink accessories against Illinois - Maize n Brew

The Michigan Wolverines will wear pink gloves and accessories for their game on Saturday against the Illinois Fighting Illini. As part of "Pink Week" at Michigan, several university athletic teams will host "pink games" to help raise awareness about breast cancer.

Rating the Big Ten Fanbases: The Three General States of Fan - Bucky's 5th Quarter

There's real talk that Bo Pelini's on the Hot Seat in Lincoln. He's got a career winning percentage north of .700. And people aren't screaming that this shouldn't be. This is a mad fanbase. I mean, in the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result sort of mad.