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Thursday Reads: Grasping At Black Shirts... Er... Straws Edition

Nebraska's problems are too deep to be solved by giving out some black shirts. Orange, perhaps, but not black. Here's your daily reads.

It's a relatively quiet week, and I mean quiet, as in Nebraska has fallen off the map nationally. There are very few people talking about us nationally. That's understandable. We're not ranked. We're not very good. We still have time to turn things around and win the Big Ten, so there's still a chance we can have a successful season. I realize it doesn't look like that right now, but that's the truth.

That doesn't people from coming up with everything thing they can with regards to theories as to what's going to fix this team.

Blackshirts, for example. Oh, if only Bo Pelini would hand out those Blackshirts at the beginning of the season, the defense would have confidence instead of playing scared. Some would have you believe Pelini has destroyed the tradition by not giving them to the starters because that's what the tradition was at least before he came along.

I've scoured the message boards and the general idea is that a black shirt would give the players something to play for. I find this concept baffling. Is it not enough motivation for a young man to earn a starting position on defense at the University of Nebraska?

Let's turn this around a bit to illustrate the point. Let's alter the legend a bit and say that Mike Corgan purchased orange colored shirts because those were the cheapest at the time. This, of course, would have lead to the establishment of the "Orangeshirt" tradition at Nebraska, with fans buying and wearing all sorts of orange clothing and screaming "ORANGESHIRTS!!!!" wherever they went.

If you're thinking "that would never happen", you're wrong. We don't cheer for the defense because they're wearing black shirts. We cheer for them because they're good (some would say we cheer for them because they're playing for the University of Nebraska, but don't hold yourself in such a high position).

The unfortunate fact is that this defense is not good. They don't tackle well. Their problems go way beyond having a black shirt and until those problems are solved they will continue to do poorly.

Okay, here's some stuff to read:

2013 Big Ten recruiting classes: A graphical representation | mgoblog
We were never in the top two in recruiting in the Big 12, right? Always behind Oklahoma and Texas at the least. Now we're behind Michigan and Ohio State, and one gets the feeling that we will be in that position forever.

Crowd noise breaks focus for Huskers at large Big Ten stadiums - Daily Nebraskan: Football: big ten, football, stadium, huskers,

Huge stadiums and loud crowds are characteristic of Nebraska’s new conference. The league is home to three 100,000-plus seat stadiums – Ohio State’s Ohio Stadium, Michigan’s Michigan Stadium and Penn State’s Beaver Stadium. That’s more 100,000-plus seat stadiums than any other conference. In fact, there are only six stadiums of that size in the nation.

Stadiums in the Big Ten are big. And they're loud. And that hurts the team.

NU’s Mancuso keeps composure, skill despite loud Big Ten crowds - Daily Nebraskan: Volleyball: volleyball, huskers, iu, wisconsin, big ten

Maybe the football team ought to get together with the volleyball team and let some of that "we love crowds" mojo rub off.

Hey, they mention the Huskers.... (sigh)

Second Half Adjustments for the 2012 Huskers Appear Offensive - Eight Laces

This team has the best offense in the Pelini era. While Taylor Martinez has his flaws, he has improved both as a passer and overall leader. A stable of running backs and arguably the deepest wide receiver corps in the Big Ten provide for a potential scoring explosion.

Score more than the other team despite how many points are scored against us. Well, if we're going to win out, this is how it's going to happen.

No, LSU Players Aren't Blaming Heat for Loss - Team Speed Kills

You can't be expected to know every media troll out there, but LSU's is too prolific to not live in infamy.

Husker fans could do a better job of recognizing when they're being trolled by the media. I should know this, I'm an expert. Just sayin'.....

KU Athletics cautions reporter to not ask Weis questions | The University Daily Kansan

Before the weekly football press conference, Lonergan invited Schuster to a meeting in her office with Mike Cummings, assistant director of communications for KU Athletics. During the meeting, Lonergan warned Schuster about possible negative reactions to last Thursday’s Kansan cover art and story. She told him these negative attitudes could be directed toward him.

The giant mass of suck that is Charlie Weis hasn't learned a damned thing over the past few years. That shouldn't surprise anyone.