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The Reads - It's Wednesday And You're Still Upset Aren't You?

By now the pain of last Saturday should have settled some. I have a feeling it hasn't though. CN's Daily "Reads" give you plenty to think about.

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Salt is taking a break for a while to get his life and lab in order. That means you're probably stuck with me for the time being. I feel like Shawn Eichorst, following some guy that's already become legend, the difference being that Salt took so little time to do it.

If there's one thing that Salt is that I'm not, it's organized. He aligns his read posts in categories, complete with headings. Me? You get the ramblin' affect because this is how my brain works. It takes me 30 minutes to get dressed every morning. You know why? Because I put on some clothes, then I check my email. Then I look outside. Then I pet the cat. Then I swear at the cat. Then I wonder where I left my coffee. Then I put on some socks. Then I wonder where my shoes are. Damn IT, where is my iPod (because I'm sure my kids took it). You get the idea.

Obviously the biggest story of our bye week is the firing of Bo Pelini some guy named Eichorst being formally introduced as the incoming athletic director. I'm curious to hear your initial reactions to the hiring. I've already let you know my first impressions.

Shawn Eichorst introduced as new Nebraska A.D.

"I don't think this is a place that you have to reinvent the wheel," Eichorst said as he was formally introduced to the media. "I think what you've got to do is get yourself immersed in everything Nebraska. My goal is to make something that's already great better."

He's right in that he doesn't have to reinvent the wheel, but whenever you hire someone from the outside you're looking for some new ideas, and given Eichorst's resume, he should have some new ideas.

Right away? No, but down the road after Osborne is gone and we've realized that, it will be time for Eichorst to bring up those new ideas.

Eichorst: New Husker AD Screams Midwest - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site

"Like my friends," he added, "I lived for Saturdays in the fall to watch Big Ten and Big Eight football, staring in awe at the great athletes on the television, including your own and soon-to-be my own Mike Rozier, Dave Rimington and Roger Craig.

At least he's a Packers guy. I can live with that. I wonder if after he was done with that initial pressure he needed a beer, a brat and some cheese curds. Maybe Nebraskans could use a little more of the taste of Wisconsin. - Jon

Even if Jimbo Fisher is right, he's still wrong - Tomahawk Nation

"No. No, I go back and if we execute, no," Fisher said in response to being asked after reviewing the film if there was anything he'd have done differently.

Hey, lookie here! Bo Pelini isn't the only one talking about his players and a lack of execution! - Jon

In 1 Year, Big 12 Goes From Turmoil to Terrific -

A conference whose football future was uncertain with the defections of Nebraska, Colorado, Texas A&M and Missouri over the past two years has landed squarely on its feet.

No, it's not like your psychotic girlfriend has found someone better than you. Be glad for the Big 12. Okay

"Coeds Appreciated": Jerry Sandusky's Other Lawyer Bought Drinks For Penn State Students Last Night

This is just... well, a piece of human nature. Whether PSU college students wouldn't take free beer, even from the guy who defended a slimeball, shouldn't shock anyone. That a defense attorney would buy college students beer, well, that should make you shit your pants right there. - Jon

Mike Leach on 'zombie-like,' 'empty-corpse quality' seniors

"I think it's mixed," said Leach of his team's senior leadership. "I think with some it's stellar... some of them have been great and some of them have been very poor. Some of them have had this zombie-like, go-through-the-motions, that's how it's always been and that's how it'll always be." "Some of them, quite honestly, have an empty-corpse quality," he said.

Can you imagine if Bo Pelini said anything like this about Nebraska players? Can you imagine the reaction? - Jon

OSU's Miller outclasses Martinez, Blackshirts - Tad Stryker -

The trench is where it starts and ends in the Big Ten.

Hail Varsity: Buckeyes bowl over Huskers 63-38

"It’s a team loss and we’ve just got to move on from here," Martinez said. "We still have everything ahead of us. This game really didn’t matter either way. If we win out we’re still going for our goal." While Taylor isn't the most eloquent, it's important to note that Nebraska can still reach Indianapolis and Pasadena. But it's going to take a mental reboot of this team. Lucky for Nebraska, Minnesota, Michigan and Penn State all come to visit Lincoln. They'll just need to find some way to win at Kinnick, East Lansing and Evanston.

Sorry I lost you at ... GAME DIDN'T REALLY MATTER....

OSU's Simon Named Bednarik Award National Player of Week - Big Ten Conference

Ohio State defensive end John Simon was named the Chuck Bednarik Award national player of the week. The senior and two-time captain was also named the Lott IMPACT Player of the Week on Monday.

He was dominant in No. 8 Ohio State's 63-38 win over No. 21 Nebraska Saturday with seven tackles, including a school record-tying five tackles for loss, totaling 24 yards. He recorded two quarterback sacks and forced a fumble. Simon ranks second in the Big Ten with 7.5 tackles for loss (totaling 33 yards) and sixth in sacks with 3.0.

Big Red in the B1G: Husker Defense? Braxton Miller Scoffs at the Notion - Off Tackle Empire

I am angry that Nebraska looks inept at times and absolutely dominant at others. I am angry that our coaching staff looked like they were playing checkers as the other staff was playing chess. I am angry that a defense that was #1 in scoring just three years ago is now a laughing stock.

OSU v. Nebraska: Offensive Review | Eleven Warriors

The Buckeyes used 11 personnel (3 WR, 1 TE, 1 RB) and generally put twins or trips to the field. The natural reaction of a one-high defense when the offense uses trips is to 'shift' the free safety towards the three wide receivers. Nebraska did this. The problem for the Cornhuskers is that this left no in-box safety support against the Ohio State run game. The Nebraska defenders have to account for the Buckeye wide receivers but for the free safety, who shades the trips. When Oho State runs a play such as QB counter trey (like QB outside zone) there is no read involved—it is simply using the quarterback as the tailback and the tailback as the fullback.

If you've got a strong stomach, you can go back and take a look at all the defensive fail. I didn't understand why we did what we did in the play above. We kept shifting to cover their overload, and then there was no one to cover a backside run. Beat a guy, win. I still don't get it. - Jon

Post-Week Six Big Ten Power Rankings - Maize n Brew

Nebraska, on the other hand, has some serious issues: even though their offense has some playmakers (Taylor Martinez, Rex Burkhead, Ameer Abdullah, and Kenny Bell, in particular), Martinez's erratic arm and a porous defense could keep the Huskers from seriously contending for the Legends division. The upset loss to UCLA could have been written off as an aberration, but getting blown out in a big conference game on the road for the third time in two years has to be concerning.

Nebraska drops to #7 in Maize N Brew's Big Ten Power Poll. I offer this not as a declarative position, but as an example of what Saturday's game has done to prestige. The Huskers.... dare I say it... have become irrelevant on the national stage. The only way back is like Bo Pelini says.... "Win Out". - Jon

B1G Power Poll Week 6: The Godfather Series Edition - Off Tackle Empire

If college football were the mafia. the B1G is the Corleone family. I keep wondering if we should start doing these cultural comparisons. I know I probably shouldn't do them because at this point in my life, I don't have much time for "culture", so all the comparisons would be to beer, movies from 30 years ago, or bad sci-fi movies. Come to think of it, those don't sound half bad, do they?

This week in schadenfreude: Auburn has a plan, a terrible, terrible plan -

We're doing alright letting Pelini have five years. UCLA fans aren't even giving Mora a full season.

Just Another Typical Meltdown for Dan Guerrero’s Irrelevant UCLA Program - Bruins Nation

More of the same. The honeymoon is over in Pasadena.

Iowa State @ TCU Recap: LENZANITY IS HERE - Wide Right & Natty Lite

Kind of glad we're not playing ISU every year. I'm not sure Nebraska fans hearts could take this much pride.

Minnesota Gopher Hockey Ranked #1 in USA Today/USA Hockey Magazine Poll - The Daily Gopher

Your Minnesota Golden Gophers hockey squad will start the 2012-13 season in its rightful place on top of the college hockey world as the preseason #1 team in the USA Today/USA Hockey Magazine poll.

Some of y'all are intrigued by the possibility of Nebraska Hockey. Or more appropriately, UNL Hockey. Uh... you realize what we'll be up against, right? - Jon