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Cobs of the Week: Defense in General, Especially Purdue and Baylor, Urban Meyer, Michigan State, Tyler Bray, and LSU

Compared to last week, it seems we almost have to reach for a nominee this week for the Worst in College Football.

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This week, candidates aren't quite as obvious for the weekly Cob award. I mean, Minnesota got blown out by Iowa...but c'mon, they're Minnesota. Colorado managed to stay within four touchdowns of UCLA, but we've gone to the well too much with the Puffaloes. Missouri came close to earning a mention by narrowly squeaking by Central Florida. But we do have some candidates for this week's Worst of the Week in College Football.

And no, David Gilbert doesn't get a nomination. When you force a Taylor Martinez fumble, you're letting your actions speak even louder than your big mouth.

Purdue Defense

Yeah, the Boilermakers had a big halftime lead...but c'mon. Allowing 2-3 Marshall to score 41 points? 534 yards of offense? Sheesh...

Baylor Defense

When your offense scores 63 points, you should win, right? Not when you allow Geno Smith to complete 45 of 51 passes for 656 yards and eight touchdowns. Heck, Stedman Bailey had a 303 yard RECEIVING day.

Defense in General

Does anybody other than Alabama play defense anymore? Georgia beat Tennessee 51-45, for example.

Urban Meyer

OK, Urbz. Is this how you are going to play? Editing out all of your motions prior to the snap on the videos you exchange may be clever, but at least come up with a better explanation like they are monitoring your internet bandwidth or you ran out of disk space.

Michigan State

"He's a pu-ssy! *clap*clap*clapclapclap".. How charming, Sparty fans... Chanting that while Braxton Miller is lying on the sideline after crashing into a cart on your narrow sideline? Now try "Where's our Cob *clap*clap*clapclapclap"...


When a national championship contender pretender plays a 1-AA team for the money, you aren't supposed to let them hang around with you all day. Oops, fixed that for you.

Tyler Bray

Three turnovers to end the game against Georgia, after you fought so hard to get back in there.