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Looking Ahead to 2012 Husker Football: I-Backs

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Our look at 2012 moves to I-backs, where all-Big Ten Rex Burkhead returns for his senior season

Returning: Rex Burkhead (starter), Sr.; Ameer Abdullah, So; Aaron Green, So.; Braylon Heard, So.; Zach Taylor, So.; Collins Okafor, Sr.

Incoming: None

Andy: Rex Burkhead comma.

Mike: Don't you mean, Rex Burkhead period? Seriously, Burkhead is absolutely solid, and a sure NFL pick as a third-down back. He's not a game-breaker, but he'll kill you by getting an extra two or three yards (or more) nearly every carry. But what about the backups? Ameer Abdullah saw most of the action with modest results...and a tendency to fumble. Aaron Green saw some spot duty and caught a few passes. Braylon Heard looked really good earlier in the season and got hurt. In this world where players transfer all the time looking for opportunities, will all three be in Lincoln next season? I hope so, but I wouldn't be so surprised if one looks elsewhere.

Jon: There really wasn't enough playing time for the young guys to get a feel for which one might be better than the others. We can speculate that Abdullah would be the guy, but that's all it would be - speculation. Nebraska will go into 2012 in the same way it went into 2011 - Burkhead and then these other guys.

So what do you think about "these other guys"? Will this be something to watch this spring?