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2012 Cotton Bowl: Arkansas vs Kansas State Open Thread

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It's the 2012 Cotton Bowl, a grand match up between Kansas State and Arkansas, at this point two nameless, faceless teams that make up the third to last college football game before the long darkness of offseason.

It's on FOX at 7:00 pm, which means even more crowd shots than ESPN has given us over the past 83 bowl games, which is rather amazing when you think about it. Gus Johnson is announcing, so even if the game has a 30-point margin ether way, you're still gonna feel like it's the most exciting thing happenin' on Friday night.

Admit it, you sunabitches, you missed all those Wildcat fans this season, didn't you? It's okay - hey, they were always fun to play with, all you had to do was deny they were ever good at anything, and BAM! They were in a tizzy! By comparison, Northwestern fans just aren't the same (although... Indiana could do well in this area - IF they ever have a football team worth mentioning).

I'll be rooting for Kansas State tonight, just like old times! Don't forget your Power Towel!