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Husker Recruit #14 Is Imani Cross: Nebraska Continues To Close The Deal

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Imani Cross - Smile for the camera!
Imani Cross - Smile for the camera!

On Thursday, North Hall HS senior, Imani Cross of Gainesville, GA, gave the Cornhuskers their 14th oral commitment of the 2012 class. The one-time Tennessee Volunteers recruit, reopened his commitment after they hired a new running backs coach. It appears that the Huskers have not only gotten one of the country's top running backs, but have also gotten one of its top quality people as well. According to his coach, Bob Christmas (1), Cross is a dedicated worker and student who is also considering a career in the ministry.

Any guesses as to who Pelini assigned to close this one?
(Hint: If you didn't answer Ron Brown, I'm guessing you just figured out that you mistyped the address to your corn futures site.

Cross is a 6'1" 220 lb bruiser who is rated three stars and the #25 RB in the country by He is a bit of an athletic freak as well being able to bench 400 lbs. and power clean 350. He runs a 4.58 forty (2) and rushed for over 1700 yards his senior season averaging close to 10 ypc,

His final two schools came down to Nebraska and Kentucky, and he was also offered by South Carolina, UCLA and Georgia Tech among others. For some reason, I can't stop thinking about Montee Ball.

Nebraska now has 14 commitments (including one signing - Seisay), and with Devin Fuller set to announce Sunday, Andrus Peat next Wednesday and a few others on signing day, this is shaping up as what will be the most exciting finish to a Husker class in recent memory - one way or another. Stay tuned.

(1) - Bob Christmas? That honestly sounds like something the EA Sports NCAA Football name generator came up with. And it wasn't trying very hard.

(2) - This will undoubtedly panic some who deem any recruit with a listed forty time higher than 4.4 "slow".