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On The Street: Seven Win Bowl Qualification Might Eliminate Some College Bowls - Bad or Good?

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There is growing support for increasing the number of wins that would be required for a FBS college football team to make a bowl game. If a proposal is made and accepted, it would lead to the elimination of some of the college bowls simply because there wouldn't be enough eligible teams to fill them.

What Do You Think About A Proposal That FBS Football Teams Would Need To Have Seven Wins To Quality for a Bowl Game?

skeptical husker fan

It's a slippery slope on what you're standing, that's what. Eliminate seven bowls in 2014, and next thing you know, they'll want to eliminate another seven in 2016. By 2020, we'll be back at 1960 when there were only eight bowl games. Nothing good happened in 1960, despite all those stories old people tell you.

Harold Cooper - Professional Headlight Cleaner

Pretty Husker Fan

Think of the teams that would have a hard time makin' a bowl game were this to happen. What's Iowa State going to do? Or Iowa for that matter?

Think of all those kids from Iowa, never getting to travel to distant warm lands and discover that yes, there are states that ain't entirely populated by fat women.

Kari Grant - Snow Removal Technician

Excitable Boy

If they did that, ESPN wouldn't make as much money and if they don't, how they going to pay the settlement when Mike Leach wins his lawsuit against them?

Tim "Skeeter" Duncan - Budding Musician
Old Timey Husker Fan

They'd probably get rid of that one in Albuquerque. I've been to Albuquerque at least two or three times, two by accident, of course, one being because that's where I woke up after passing out and being put on a bus with only two dimes in my pocket back when you could still use a public telephone for 10 cents. I never did figure out what the other dime was for ‘ceptin' my friends being generous. The other by accident time was because that's where the aliens dropped me off after the kidnappin'.

They should keep the bowl in Albuquerque. Those were the best experiences in my life.

Jim Kearney - Late Night Talk Show Host