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Corn Flakes: Don't Rank Nebraska in 2012 - We're Not Pretty Enough

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I am in an irritated mood today. Only part of it can be blamed on Alabama. More of it (by percentage) can be blamed on the hangover from the 2011 college football season, which I'm glad is over. And then even more of it can be blamed on the idea that we're already talking about next season when I haven't gotten over the last one.

Talking about Husker football doesn't bother me in the least, but this idea that we just bang right on into 2012 as if we're close to a pre-season, man, shouldn't we stop for a week or two and burn everything we bought and/or were given during the 2011 season to make sure the bad goes away and doesn't return? Or hasn't anyone else thought of that?

Maybe I'll just try to stay out of everyone's way today, focus on my work, rarely look up and hope the day gets over without incident.

Hey! Maybe I'll get cheered up when Doc Sadler picks up his first Big Ten win in men's basketball tonight against Penn State!

Yeah! That's the ticket!

NEBRASKA FOOTBALL: Nick Saban and Bo Pelini Remain Worlds Apart

Bo Pelini and Saban preach to us the process of becoming winners, and there is no doubt that there is a process that has some parallels no matter where you go. However, that’s where the similarities start and end between Nebraska and Alabama.

It's an interesting perspective, but honestly, any article that doesn't mention Saban's oversigning and cutting players but points out his excellence isn't telling the full story. - JJ

It also doesn't mention that Saban only went 25-22-1 his first four years at Michigan State. - Mike

Edwin Baker Enters NFL Draft

Michigan State Junior running back Edwin Baker is entering the NFL Draft.

Did you notice this? Hmmmm, no? Perhaps Baker wasn't as prolific as one might think. OTOH, that means Michigan State loses quarterback Kirk Cousins, Baker, and receiver B.J.Cunningham next season. Yet most people think they'll contend for the division. Go figure. - JJ

I didn't notice it because Baker was benched in favor of Le'Vion Bell as this season progressed. Bell will be back, so it's not like Sparty is starting completely over. - Mike

Gone Baby Gone: Marcus Coker Asks For Release From Iowa - Black Heart Gold Pants

Yet another Iowa running back is out. Coker joins Adam Robinson, Brandon Wegher, Jewel Hampton, and Mika'll McCall as Iowa running backs who have departed Iowa City in the last 18 months. - Mike

I wonder what the offseason will bring to Iowa football? Maybe a bunch of guys will get injured by seeing how many of them will fit into a 2003 Dodge Caravan, urged on by their strength coach's wife. - JJ

Peter Konz makes it official: He's going pro - Big Ten Blog - ESPN

Wisconsin center Peter Konz made official today what had been widely suspected late last week: he's skipping his senior year to enter the NFL draft.

Konz was excellent and now must be replaced. This move will leave Wisconsin with two returning starters on the offensive line. Our enemies grow weaker. - JJ

Bill Callahan leaving Jets for Cowboys

Hey, everybody's favorite Clusterfool is heading to Dallas. The man is a great offensive line coach, but that's his limit. I think Billy C knows his limits as well. - Mike

I think what Mike means is that Billy C knows he should never stay in one place more than five years. - JJ

Orange Bowl continues to taunt Darwin Cook over its bruised mascot

It looks like Obie the Orange Bowl mascot was not OK, after all, after being tackled by West Virginia safety Darwin Cook after Cook's 99-yard fumble return in the Orange Bowl.

Years ago at a Nebraska - Iowa State game, I met a young man who had attacked Mizzou's mascot. He was angered that the mascot continued to come over to the ISU sideline, and the next time it did, he he some little kids lure it close, jumped it, punching it several times and then finally tore the headpiece off to find that, to his horror, inside was a girl.

Not even a large girl. He got into a fair amount of trouble.

Bottom line - mascot on mascot violence? Funny, perhaps, depending on the situation. You on mascot violence? Never a good idea. Unless you want to take on Colorado's Ralphie, then, what the hell, go for it, tough guy. - JJ

2012 BCS and B1G Bowl Projections - Opening Call - Off Tackle Empire

In the Legends Division, we're looking at three key games: Michigan at Nebraska, Nebraska at Michigan State, and Michigan State at Michigan. Maybe Iowa can sneak in and cause some trouble, but I expect that those three teams will rise head and shoulders above the rest of the division.

Kind of like any article about the B1G that includes the real division names - NOT TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY, MUST BE WRITTEN BY AN ESTABLISHMENT SUCK UP - and therefore to be ignored.

Oh, and next year we're in the Outback Bowl against Arkansas. Maybe it's that part that's really irritated me. - JJ

College Football Top 25 For 2012: An Early Look Toward Next Fall

Bill Connelly releases a Top 25 for 2012 because that's what we've come to - a full year round of college football in which we make shit up because everyone can't get enough of it despite the fact that 2011 was a horrid year (all around, not Nebraska).

In his first top 25, Bill ranks Nebraska kind of at muddled 25th, for reasons of which I don't understand. LSU and Alabama are #1 and #2, of course, and since we've been asked to do a preseason Blogpoll already (DID I MENTION THIS IS WHAT IT'S COME TO?) I think I'm just going to rank the entire SEC in the Top 25 because no one else, really, should exist.

Does Nebraska deserved to be ranked in a 2012 preseason Top 25? Well, if you're going to rank Texas and Notre Dame just because they're Texas and Notre Dame, you might as well rank Nebraska. Bill gives youth the benefit of the doubt when it comes to Florida State, Texas, Missouri, but apparently not the Huskers. I don't get it.

Maybe he hasn't seen Kenny Bell's fro? Maybe he hasn't noticed that reserve tight end Eddie Ridder's smile could win him "most likely to disembowel you with scissors" look? Maybe it's Taylor Martinez and that ugly throwing motion that everyone freaks out about?

Whatever. Don't rank us. Not that it means much now anyway.