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2011 Final Blogpoll College Football Ranking - Oklahoma State #1

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Most of the buzz today is about Alabama's great defensive effort against LSU in the 21-0 butt kicking that was a joke of a national title game. I can't think of a worse final game of a season that I've ever watched than the one last night, and while the Crimson Tide certainly shut down the Tigers, I found myself wondering how a team doesn't bother showing up for the biggest game of the season rather than believing they were being stymied by great defense.

The question appears to be whether Alabama showed they won, or LSU showed they didn't belong. As for me, I'm going with the latter. That and I don't feel like rewarding a coach who consistently skirts the boundaries of the rules by oversigning recruiting classes, cutting players and rewarding himself with a better roster because of it. Everyone knows that Nick Saban is a damned good coach - I guess we're going to find out how good once the new SEC regulations that limit oversigning kick in (although we'll see where they find the loopholes).

I'm willing to overlook Oklahoma State's loss at Iowa State and say without reservation that they should have been in this game instead of Alabama if for no other reason than at least it would have produced something more entertaining than what we saw last night.

Maybe a crappy final game was an apt ending to a season filled with a ton of turmoil. We were shocked when it was discovered that Jim Tressel covered up that he knew about his players violating NCAA rules, and then we were shocked again by Nevin Shapiro revealing that he'd been giving Miami players illegal benefits for years, only to discover that both of these scandals were nothing compared to that which had been happening at Penn State under Joe Paterno. (And yeah, I get the irony of calling out these scandals while talking about Nick Saban's ethics. Thing is - if you're willing to use Jerry Sandusky as a standard, the bar by which you measure, then you've got a good idea of why we can rationalize just about anything else, right?)

This season is in the can - perhaps we should be thankful for it's end. Maybe the next one be less, well, scandalous, so that we can spent the season rejoicing the players and the plays instead of the crap that sometimes surrounds them.