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Corn Flakes: How We Play

How do we play at Corn Flakes? Poorly with unsportsmanship (Not a word you say? That's how we roll here).

Big assist to Jon for the links, I've been slammed with work, well "real" work. (Jon only pays me by allowing cats on the site). Of course I only have to think about the fact that we have another Husker game on Saturday. No college football hasn't hit me quite yet.

Big 12 "How We Play" Posters

I've come to love the Big 12's "This is How We Play" campaign because it can be used for so many different situations! No, really. - JJ

Shatel: Perlman won't gloat as Big 12 melts -

Suffice to say he sleeps easy. He had the good sense to leave a burning building just before someone threw the match. You try not to think about what would have happened if you hadn't left the building.

Husker Mike's Blasphemy: Big XII Implosion: "There, But For The Grace of Tom Osborne, Goes Nebraska"

Husker Mike chimes in on getting out before everything went South... Hmmm South kinda where Texas is at... -JL

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Bulldogs' Rouse asked to play big at Nebraska - Fresno State Football -

"These guys are big daddies on defense, they are among the best in the country," Bulldogs coach Pat Hill says of 10th-ranked Nebraska, which will play his team at 4 p.m.

Fresno's theme for the week - run the ball. - JJ

Nebraska Depth Chart - Fresno State -

Meet the Depth Chart - Same as the old Depth Chart except it has kick returners Ameer Abdullah and Tim Marlowe listed, along with Abdullah as a punt returner. - JJ

College Football Rankings: BlogPoll Rewards LSU With No. 1 Spot, Fawns Over Baylor

Nebraska comes in at #9 in this week's blogpoll. - JJ

The Alphabetical, Week 1: Where Boise Frightens You With Their Neatness

Nebraska gets a listing in Spencer Hall's Alphabetical. J is for Jarring - Yay! - JJ

Wait jarring is good? -JL

So What Should Big 12 Schools Do ? Say No to Super Conference

Mark Cuban gives us his take on conference re-alignment, why the Big 12 schools should stay together. If nothing else, he offers a different perspective. - JJ

Photo Slideshow from eyeQ Press

Some excellent shots of last week's game - recommended! - JJ