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Thursday Night Open Thread

Lots of sports viewing choices tonight!

Oklahoma State takes on Arizona in a rematch between two teams that played each other in a bowl game at the end of last season. That game will start at 7:00pm on ESPN. 

On BTN - Nebraska fans will enjoy 3 ½ hours of Husker-related programming on Thursday night, including a 60-minute snap-to-snap version of the Chattanooga game at 5 PM Central, a replay of the 1995 Orange Bowl at 7 PM Central and finally, Mike Hall takes fans inside the life of Nebraska football coach Bo Pelini on an episode of brand new BTN series Step Into My Office at 9 PM Central. 

If those ain't enough, the Green Bay Packers take on the New Orleans Saints in NFL action and the Husker volleyball team will be on NETV and for those of you with subscriptions. 

After the jump is a bonus clip from the Pelini BTN show. 

This is your Open Thread for Thursday night! I'll be traveling back from Wisconsin so I'll be a little late getting on, but you don't need me anyway. Start the witty banter anyway!