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Fresno State's Derek Carr Is Not Worried

You can watch this video of Fresno State's quarterback Derek Carr and come away with the conclusion that he's a cocky young man, oblivious to the fact that he's going to start his second game on the road in Lincoln Nebraska against a ferocious defensive line that would like nothing more than to squash him into a tiny little ball, or that in general, he just doesn't worry about those types of things. 

He is right about Fresno's offensive line being big - the starters run 300, 315, 320, 305 and 310 lbs, and because they're so big he's not worried about Nebraska's defensive line. He's not worried about getting hit. He's not worried about what the Fresno State fan base thinks. And he's not worried about Fresno State being able to run the ball. 


It might occur to you that his comments about running the ball make up "bulletin board material" and you might get your blood pressure up thinking about ways that your team is being disrespected, but I can assure you that Derek Carr is not worried about that either.