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Mudslinging in the Big XII hit a new high yesterday. Notre Dame and Texas to the Big Ten?

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Apparently everyone in the Big XII now hates everyone else and everyone is going to sue everyone else. It's like reading Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged" only the capitalists are going at each other throats instead of the socialists. Part of me feels really bad but I can't help but laugh. It really sounds like an awful break up. All the crap that has come out on twitter and the national media yesterday/today paints a picture of everyone taking shots at everyone else.

How can they possibly mend the fences this time around? Even yesterday morning, with all the super conference rumors that have been floating lately, I still believed that the only move that would happen this time around would be A&M leaving and the Big XII holding together.  Maybe they pick up another school, but that would be about it. I just can't see that happening this time around.

What we heard/learned yesterday:

Arkansas had a brief discussion with the Big XII that ended fairly quickly with them saying, "Thanks, but no thanks.

Baylor decided not to "wave its legal right to file a lawsuit against the SEC or A&M." They are really throwing a hissy fit because they are worried that they will be left out. Hmm. Where were they 15 years ago when SMU, Houtson, TCU, etc., were being left out while they were included?

Iowa State also decided to do this.

A&M is a hostage now.

Dan Beebe doesn't know what's going on.

Apparently everyone else in the Big XII found some brain cells and decided not to "wave their rights" to sue as well.

Oklahoma is giving the rest of the league the middle finger and says, "A&M can leave".  Apparently they are tired of it. It's too bad the B1G will miss out on getting the Sooners.

Lot's of statements from yesterday here.

And lastly, Texas conspiracy theories abound regarding them "pulling the strings" of Baylor et. al.

And today:

Apparently the Big XII has come to a handshake agreement to let A&M leave without lawsuits. Will the SEC be ok with this or will they want it in writing?

And a big one that was under the radar from Northwestern's Rivals site: Texas and Notre Dame present Terms needed for them to join the conference.


Take it for what it's worth. Most of it is just officials just trying to spread rumors to get people in line, but all they are really doing is just pissing each other off. The clock is ticking.