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Cob of the Week: Brian Kelly goes Pelini, Mother Nature, ~ESPN~, and auditioning for a BCS conference.

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Typically during the regular season, we post the Cob of the Week on Sunday, but we delayed it because of the holiday. Each week we gather the worst performances in College Football and vote on which one is best (or worst?). We've got some great candidates this week and, as always, if you think you can do better, leave a comment.

Brian Kelly: He just completely loses it when Notre Dame WR TJ Jones bobbles the ball near the South Florida endzone that ends up intercepted. The hopes are running high in South Bend this year after the way last year ended and in one afternoon, a lot of those goals went "poof". Similar to Kelly.

Mother Nature: The football gods apparently do not like all this conference realignment talk during the regular season and so quite a number of games experienced delays this past weekend due to severe weather. Brian Kelly had time to cool off during a total of almost 3 hours of rain delays in South Bend. Tennessee-Montana was 100 min late getting started because of the weather. Iowa had an interruption of 1hr 24min. West Virginia and Marshall's game was called because of extended severe weather and Brady Hoke's first victory at Michigan against Western Michigan was a game that was called near the end of the third quarter. It was believed that Michigan really wanted the game called because that was one less quarter that the opposition had to accumulate stats to make Michigan's defense look bad.



So I tried to make a little "Longhorn" symbol out of ESPN and characters on the keyboard. I'm sure someone else can do better than I (SBNation's editing tools automatically put a space in between paragraphs so that's why there's a gap). But they make the list for pissing off a lot of people in Texas who couldn't get the game because it was on the Longhorn Network. Not only that, but College Gameday on ESPN dumped on A&M for leaving because of their ego and hurt feelings, but not because of the LHN. Someone even asked, "Who saw this coming?! A&M to the SEC?" We know of at least one AD who did. I didn't even mention all the stuff coming out of Norman and the reports of the demise of the Big XII coming this week. All because of of one television station that no-one can watch right now.

Iowa State, Kansas State: So with all of the talk about conference realignment, one thing that always stands out is the quality of your football program. KSU and ISU are already on thin ice if this thing falls apart and how did their football teams perform this weekend? While trying to show off to potential BCS conferences, the Wildcats needed a 37-yard TD pass with 1:37 left in the game to beat Eastern Kentucky 10-7. Yes, that's right, they only scored 3 points in the first 58:30 minutes. Against Eastern Kentucky. ISU needed a TD with 40 seconds left to come-from-behind and beat Northern Iowa. Look, I know it's the first week and all, but even those two schools should be able to handle FCS opponents.