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Brett Maher - Nebraska's Kicker Newest Trivia Answer

I was going to entitle this "Why Brett Maher is like a dose of clap", but after the whole "Shit" in the headline episode, I think I've learned my lesson about headlines. Read on.

Oooh oooh oooh... What are we going to do without Alex Henery? That question was answered by a guy who decided to walk on at Nebraska rather than take a scholarship at Ohio or Colorado State as Maher He did so well that he's become the answer to a trivia question - Who's the first Husker player to ever win Big Ten weekly honors?

Brett Maher!!!!  Maher won Big Ten Special Teams Player of the Week the first week of Nebraska's existence in the Big Ten EVAH! All Maher did was go 4-4 for field goals from 21, 34, 48 and 50 yards, and average 52 (!!!) yards per punt.

That's pretty cool!

Years from now, it'll be a trivia question and if you think that's trivial, I would remind you that the only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about....